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<nettime> day 2

From: "chuck reinhardt" <chuckyeo@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 2:36 PM
Subject: day 2

there was a lot of tension this morning as we assembled to parade through
town, all several thousand of us. the police attacked the black block
in the  corso marconi, with tear gas, some  went up the corso torino. as we
crossed corso buenos aires, we received  news the g8 meeting were canceled.
the mood changed to joy. the march became a parade, wit music and dancing in
the streets. the speeches were by jose bov˛ and the leader of the de mayo
movement. at the end of the speech as we headed home, the black block, with
police help, were at it again. we were all teargases as there destruction
continued. this time i stuck close to them. i saw them blockade a street, on
the corso sardegna, one of the main streets,  physically  destroy a gas
station, set several fires, before the police moved in. as far as i could
see, no one was arrested.. same thing about a mile away from the plazza
tommase, where they destroyed an atm machine, and set a car on fire. no
arrests as i could see, only tear gas, which im getting used to. there are
many written reports that the polizi have joined forces with the black
block, to discredit the peaceful protest.im here but i don't see or hear or
that's going on. is this reported back home?
when we arrived back at the media center, it appears the talks are not
canceled, but may be moved to a yacht, that way they won't  be able to smell
the teargas used on the peaceful protesters.
all the black block destruction today and yesterday has been a over a mile
from the red zone.

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