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<nettime> Protester Shot by Italian Paramilitary, Run Over in Genoa Riot

Friday July 20 11:47 AM ET

Protester Shot, Run Over in Genoa Riot

GENOA (Reuters) - A protester was shot in the head on Friday by an Italian
paramilitary trooper and run over by a security van while a big power
summit was under way in Genoa, a witness said.

A Reuters photographer saw a group of demonstrators attack a Carabinieri
van with stones. A protester was hit in the head by gunfire from the van
after throwing a fire extinguisher at the vehicle.

The demonstrator fell to the ground and then was run over by a Carabinieri
jeep, the photographer said. It was not known whether he had died.

The incident occurred amid rioting in the Mediterranean port city on the
first day of a three-day Group of Eight summit.

via Reclaim the Streets NYC - http://www.rtsnyc.org

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