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<nettime> Fwd: GNU/Linux for multimedia artists

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Demudi, a Debian fine-tuned for multimedia, was mentioned on slashdot
today: "Music and video arts can benefit greatly from the advantages
of using free software software. In particular, because of the special
capabilities of free open-source software (and their limitless
adaptation mechanisms), complex cross-cultural applications like
computer-assisted composition and digital video editing would finally
find the proper software context. However, while the multimedia
software sector is already well developed in the free open-source
software community, a complete turnkey distribution with ease of
installation and of use is still lacking.":

Other recent finds...

A generative score made with csound:

"Rumori," art appropriation, copyright law discussion list:

The Making of America, digital library of public domain 19th century
books and images:

Walter Benjamin, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction":

"An experimental radio show of found sound collage which interacts
with unscreened phone callers":
they accept stuff for sampling:

Borgia Popes, longtime purveyors of semi-free (freeware for non-profit) music:

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