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<nettime> ANTIG8: keep yourself informed and help us doing it!

re all!

independent media coverage on the genova social forum and on the antig8
initiatives works really good in those first days: many italian movement
radios and people gathered around indymedia open structure is actively
collaborating to keep open a channel of information constantly flowing,
almost 24h per day.

here some links useful to reach information:

[ http://www.radiogap.net ] global audio project

  the site of free radios co-ordination joins the efforts of many
  italian independent and activist radios. different teams are working
  together to produce much documentation, interviews and up to the
  minute information about what's happening in those days in genova.
  there you can listen to live radio and download audio from a complete
  archive, while this audio is also being broadcasted on air by radios
  around the globe.

[ http://italy.indymedia.org ] indymedia italy

  runned in those days thanks to the strong collaboration between
  autistici.org, ASCII from amsterdam, freeteam@xs4all, centro sociale
  TPO in bologna, autistici.org, LOA hacklab and dyne.org. constant
  newsfeed is keeped uptodate with texts, photos and videos as well thru
  a radio, with a big effort in traduction to many languages.

  you may want to check out our netradio streams, please choose nearest
  to you and check italy.indymedia.org for updates! :

[ http://autistici.org:8000/live ] from ITALY
[ http://freeteam.xs4all.nl:8000/live ] from NETHERLANDS
[ http://bonjour.mp3.at:8000/genua ] from AUSTRIA
[ http://fatfreddy.dhs.org:8200/live ] from SANFRANCISCO USA

[ ******************** please let us have more! ******************** ]

yes, this is a call to hacktivists and media hackers, we need MILK to
stream! so please if you are willing to help us streaming during the next
week serving many people and radios around the world give us your help!
you need a unix box with a configured icecast server on it, possibly on a
big fat cable (but even your DSL can help!) then you need to come on IRC
server: irc.indymedia.org channel: #radio and tell us you want to help
with a new stream relay, we will check then on which server you'd better
take the stream from and - that's it! - you too became the media and you
are part of the revolution!!

[ ****************************************************************** ]

[ http://argentina.indymedia.org ] [ http://austria.indymedia.org ]
[ http://germany.indymedia.org ] [ http://sweden.indymedia.org ]
[ http://belgium.indymedia.org ] [ http://france.indymedia.org ]

  .... and all the others, reporters from many indymedia centers around
  europe and world are being present in genova or coordinating in irc to
  translate and update informations so check out the independent
  information center nearest to you!

la lucha sigue!

jrml ..//korova.dyne.org
6EEE 4FB2 2555 7ACD 8496  AB99 E2A2 93B4 6C62 4800

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