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<nettime> Re: [Nettime-bold] File Under: OPEN vs. CLOSED SYSTEMS

At 09:18 AM 18/07/01 EDT, mark quoted:
>"Language is metaphor in the sense that it not only stores but translates  
>experience from one mode into another. 

..if u've eva coded, chatted, or simply condensed text in an online
n.vironment ][4 the sake of brevity, etc][ then u should b able 2 tease out
specific comphrehension points & integrate them in2 an absortion loop that
seeks 2 alter the regular flow of text comprehension, and swing it in2 a
method that n.gages semiotically reflective components....multitasking,
information retrieval, and data searching all operate as netwurk templates
that govern this new behavioural & infofragment creed... 
...the "odd spelling and punctuation" that i 'ute.till.eyes' is actually a
prime x.ample of the very components that make these contested mediamatic
processes actual....if u examine the structure of the text i m.ploy, u'll c
that stylistically these "aberrations" are actual x.tended meaning gaps
that mimic the structure of the medium itself....code digressions, email
conventions, hyperlinks that offer convex meaning nodes, and chat idioms
all woven in2 a tapestry of new media ][communicative][ patterns .......

....the idea of a procedural/penetrative formulation of cultural memes via
the overarching cultural framework of any given system seems slightly
nostalgic, a dip in the established pervasive kantian pool....

....i suppose as an auteur who is rapidly assisting to define the very
language that operates & shifts within this cultural formu.][e][lation &
the influential-wiring-behind-the-acculturation-board, the concept of a
black][ed in][ box approach to cultural gestation in terms netitectonic [a
splice between d&g + s&r if u will] seems obsolete.....[not that u alluded
to this mark - but it is prevalent in reiterative echos thru various
academically-directed net.wurk symbolisms].


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