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<nettime> medellin sept7 [Int'l Day of Action Against Video Surveillance]

coinciding!! on the same day, 7sept. we are planning a move in front the
survilliance camera system in medellin, colombia...rules are "slightly"
different here, so our whole set will be masked with the that idea of
"love in the city"...just to try to show the other stories..the ones for
which the cameras are not supossed to be focused-on...we even got acces to
the kontrol room and of course to the material to be recorded by the
system [107cameras around the city]..the fun will be a big loop created
when a local tv channel will retransmit the plays [acts of not more than 2
min] we hope to manage the signal into a live net broadcast..sounds big,
but fun.. a way to parasite and at the same time state what we think of
the whole system...we want to invite+join the int'l day actions, we of
course are looking for some more stories [acts, scenes, plots] to be
performed by different groups here in medellin..the same day the
7sept.01..[we have uploaded an online entry form to get some intl' input,
looking forward for some int'l effect on our local public space]

theres an online entry form at:



more info?


>>please help us to ciculate this info_>>

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