brian carroll on Mon, 16 Jul 2001 18:26:37 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re: Seeing Cyberspace : public domain

  interesting, the waternet, and not infeasible in that sewage and
  water networks are the free-for-all fiberlanes, a network in waiting.
  spy-tech is interesting in this regard, as in the US the R.Hanson
  case detailed a tunnel dug by the under the Russian embassy
  in Washington DC, which apparently was used to tap into the sounds
  through using the waterpipes as a data-source, an antenna i imagine,
  and also to rebirth the watercloset as a microphone. so too, in the
  field of architecture, the steel i- and h-beams used for structural
  armatures, are also being used for data transmission. one downfall
  being the electromagnetic (EM) emissions which, like wireless networks
  like the 8011 or whatever it is standard, being non-encrypted, is a
  source of broadcasting for private data. also, sure enough, powerlines
  in the home have been used for networking, as have the super-scaled
  transmission lines and towers marching across country's and their
  sides, as EM information backbones, where data is relayed not through
  the copper cable, if remember correctly, but through the casing around
  it, which holds it together, of aluminum or something. weirder things
  have happened. but, if not mistaken, there is something very funny
  about water and EM, in that electromagentic waves, cannot travel
  through water, at least that is declassified, last i read. and so
  submarining tech is ultra-stealthy, in that satellite to submarine
  networks are cat-and-mouse, with buoys doing part of the water-net
  work and other unknown mysteries of the deep.

>emerging dimensions of water?
>waternet, an outgrowth of d.r.i.p. (the dutch retrograde internet project)
>which proposes to offer unlimited bandwidth for transmitting all forms of
>data over global water networks-- all the end-user needs is a c.s.n.
>(client-side nozzle) and s/he can hook the pc directly up to the water

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