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Table of Contents:

   metabolics#7 feat.: Entropy8Zuper!                                              
     florian schneider <>                                                

   ZAYAC No. 6                                                                     
     Kalina Bunevska Isakovska <>                                  

   Call for Proposals: Is This the Future of the City?                             
     Andreas Broeckmann <>                                    

   Babelizer                                                                    (Sarah Thompson)                                           

   new exhibit invitation                                                          
     "Carlos I. Sanchez Vegas" <>                                     

   CALL FOR SUBMISSION > IO-N.NET                                                  
     "gregory chatonsky" <>                                         

   Fw: <demokratica> re:struct                                                     
     "Gabriel Pickard" <>                                         

   world bank protests?                                                            
     Jeffrey Fisher <>                                                

   forward: interactivist info exchange                                            
     acm acm <>                                                

   call for submissions for                                          
     autonomy <>                                           

   new site's up'n running...                                                      
     artologue admin <>                                           

   CIAC Magazine 13th edition                                                      
     "ciac" <>                                                       


Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 20:48:41 +0200
From: florian schneider <>
Subject: metabolics#7 feat.: Entropy8Zuper!

M E T A B O L I C S # 7 
20:00 +0100 (MET) 
Feat.: Auriea Harvey und Michael Samyn, Entropy8Zuper! (Gent/BE)

More Information, archived and live stream:


"Information Technology is not the Future. We are." That's the slogan of
AURIEA HARVEY and MICHAEL SAMYN, two of the best known and highly
decorated net artists and web designers of our time. Their work consists
of digital sculptures, fat files, coined by digital exuberance,
hilarious affluence and provocative splendour. 

In the developing country called internet, controversy about ressources
is sometimes as big as in defficient economies. Easily can artists who
in no case want to restrict their work on minimalistic ascii art, become
the target of digital correctness. AURIEA HARVEY and MICHAEL SAMYN
probably are bothered by the citicicsm of purists as little as they are
by the appreciation by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which
awarded them the highest decorated price for - the SF MoMA Webby
Prize 2000. Whoever has a couple of hours left, and a highspeed internet
connection, can be sure to be part a very exclusive audience, when
watching works like "wirefire" or "skinonskinonskin". And Samyn and
Harvey consistently prove their emotional straightforwardness and
honesty. In the worst case they make clear that "Your browser sucks". 

and MICHAEL SAMYN, Entropy8Zuper! present a collection of their
spectacular, CPU-clogging and bandwith-consuming projects. The work
they've been designing together as for a while can
nearly be put in the tradition of baroque works of art. The relationship
between Harvey (entropy8) and Samyn (zuper), who also privately are a
couple since their collaboration at a project for the online gallery, is a repeating subject in their works as well. Harvey was
considered as one of the most important web designers in New York,
creating websites for Lenny Kravitz and Janet Jackson and winning the
"Webby Awards" 1997 und 1998. Samyn, well known not only as an artist,
indisputably is one of the pioneers of interactive design. 


METABOLICS//STOFFWECHSEL presents innovative projects and debates in, .culture and .politics on a monthly basis, starting from
january 2001, in Muffathalle in Munich. METABOLICS//STOFFWECHSEL is
curated by Florian Schneider, Harald Staun and Dietmar Lupfer.
METABOLICS//STOFFWECHSEL will be streamed live and stored in a database.
<> If you want to be informed
regurarily about the program, receive additional information and take
part in ongoing discussions, we invite you to subscribe to our
newsletter: <>


Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 00:19:07 +0200
From: Kalina Bunevska Isakovska <>
Subject: ZAYAC No. 6

Contemporary Art Center - Skopje is announcing launching of new issue of ZAYAC (Zine about young Art and Culture) in this issue you can find interesting stories from cultural live in Macedonia.
 Here is short content of ZAYAC No 6

- - Vladimir Grupcev , Thunder over Skopje ( photo Project)

- - Interwiev with Slavica Janeshlieva winner on Grand Pry on fifth Biennal of the youth Artists

- - Text by Hristijan Panev about fifth Biennal of the youth Artists

- - More information about SEAFair 2001

- - Ana Vasilevska with text " Creation in crisis, or crisis in creation"

- - Kristina Miljanovska and Emil Petrov with Project "4"

- - Irena Paskali " ZWISCHEN"

- - Marija Pavlovska  "Black and White Stories"

- - Slavko Popushilic - Kofalanja " Kofalanja"

- - Announcing of CIX Gallery for open Competition for the projects which should be realized to the end of 2001

Kalina Bunevska Isakovska
Visual Arts Program Coordinator
CAC - Skopje, Macedonia
Address: Orce Nikolov 109, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
tel./fax: ++389.91/133-541; 214-495


Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 09:08:26 +0200
From: Andreas Broeckmann <>
Subject: Call for Proposals: Is This the Future of the City?

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:49:54 -0400
Subject: Call for Proposals: Is This the Future of the City?
From: Amanda Ramos <>


 New Tokyo Life Style Roppongi Think Zone Motion Floor Project

 July 3, 2001

 Deadline for proposals: August 3, 2001
 Notification: September, 2001
 Term: November, 2001 to March,  2003 (tentative)
 Duration of exhibition: 30 days per artist

 The "Motion Floor Project" (MFP) is a new art exhibition program which
takes place at the new art space "New Tokyo Life Style Roppongi Thinkzone"
(Zone), opening in Tokyo's Roppongi in September 2001. Both the Motion
Floor Project and Zone are projects of the Mori Arts Center, an ambitious
new gallery slated to open in 2003, as part of a new development in
Roppongi Hills being undertaken by the Mori Building Company.  

 The MFP will host a series of video exhbitions, showing the new work of
contemporary artists, filmmakers, graphic designers, musicians, VJs and
other creators selected from all over the world. Each artist is asked to
explore this question: "Is this the Future of the City?" An open-ended
inquiry, artists are invited to interpret however they see appropriate,
exploring the many facets that the question implies.

 Conditions for exhibition:

* The selection of art works to be exhibited will be made by Bruce Mau
Design and Yukiko Harada, Curator of Zone  * Selected works will premiere
at the MFP. Following the opening of the Mori Arts Center, they will be
exhibited again as part of "Motion Floor Project Extreme" (MFPX). They will
also tour to several other venues outside Japan. Artists are welcome to
make other copies of their works but, if selected, one copy will belong to
the Mori Arts Center  * Works will each ideally consist of four large
moving images projected from the ceiling onto the floor, with each image
measuring 7 x 9 metres. Alternate proposals for employing the MFP
technology will be entertained, but this is the basic configuration of the
space.  * If selected, the final format to be delivered to Zone is to be
negotiated between the artist and the staff of Zone  *

The MFP will be the major activity of Zone, which is to enhance the
cultural exchange of Tokyo and the world, providing emerging creators and
artists with an active platform for networking and communication. Zone's
stated objective is to "Deal with the New and Urban" and is comprised of
the following three parts:

 Motion Floor
 Four large moving images will be projected from the ceiling onto the
floor, each measuring 7 by 9 meters.
 Urban Café
 Café and lounge where youth can hang around. A variety of events such as
lectures and open discussions will also be held.
 Urban Book Library/Bookstore
 A Library/Bookstore dedicated to the themes of city, architecture and fine

 Your proposal will comprise:

* 1-2 page description of the work you intend to produce  * one page
summary curriculum vitae  * 5-10 slides of past work, videotapes  (or other
support material, as appropriate.)


* Remuneration: Selected artists will be paid a fee of $20,000 U.S.
including travel expenses to attend the opening in Tokyo. No additional
fees will be paid.

 Zone is an abbreviated title of NewTokyo Lifestyle Roppongi Thinkzone, a
temporary contemporary art/culture space to be operated for the two years
prior to the opening of Mori Arts Center.

     Art Director: Bruce Mau (Bruce Mau Design Inc.)
     Curator: Yukiko Harada (Mori Arts Center)
     Associate Curator: Mizuki Takahashi (Mori Arts Center)
     Space design: Tokujin Yoshioka

 Mori Arts Center
 The Mori Arts Center is a new art and culture museum scheduled to open in
the "Roppongi Hills" new city core of Tokyo in the fall of 2003. As the
largest contemporary art/culture museum in Japan, the Mori Arts Center will
be a driving force for the creation and enrichment of a new urban culture,
presenting the contemporary creations traversing fine art, architecture,
graphic design, fashion design, product design and music.

 Mori Building Company and Roppongi Hills
 Mori Building Company is one of the largest urban developers in Japan and
has been devoted to the planning and creation of dynamic urban complexes
for more than 40 years. Fostering the long-term vision to revitalize Tokyo
into an ever more attractive city, the company is now constructing Roppongi
Hills, a large-scale new town development in central Tokyo. Accommodating a
variety of urban functions including Mori Arts Center, Roppongi Hills will
launch as a new cultural core of Tokyo where diverse energies interact and
new lifestyles are enhanced.

 Tokyo is a huge melting pot of fun, ideas and creativity. It absorbs
abundantly and generates abundantly. The Motion Floor Project at Zone will
become a vital part of the vibrant, stimulating energy of Tokyo.

 Yukiko Harada, Curator, Zone
 Bruce Mau, Creative Director, Bruce Mau Design

 Send proposals to:

 Amanda Ramos
 Bruce Mau Design Inc.
 197 Spadina Avenue, Suite 501
 Toronto ON M5T 2C8
 416-260-5777, ext. 233
 fax 416-260-2770


Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 12:12:55 -0400
From: (Sarah Thompson)
Subject: Babelizer


A new article by Sarah Thompson on:

by Simon Biggs

referencing: The Apartment, "Conversions", & the brainwave matrix

published at:


Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 20:00:48 -0700
From: "Carlos I. Sanchez Vegas" <>
Subject: new exhibit invitation


Jorge Khawam
  "C. is the last opening, the ending stage of a self-definition process, like looking itself into a mirror, searching its identity, abstract, like its containing medium.  Is another dream, a no-natural one, is an ideal copy humans made of dreams. Matura is now the virtual space where Jorge's work is exhibited, and where virtually mine work will remain. On virtual times we'll be together forever". 

City/Ciudad, is an architectonic show of the Jorge Khawam's works. Is now  open, I invite you to visit it on or

 "C. es la última apertura, final de un proceso de auto definición, como mirandose en un espejo, buscando su identidad, abstracta, semejante al medio donde flota. Visto desde este lado, donde casi todo es material, fuerte, duro, crudo: real. El otro lado es limpio, transparente, hermético, precario y frágil; donde lo supuesto concreto: flota, levedad de lo leve, como  casi todo lo que no es natural. Mucha tecnología y conocimiento lo sostienen, en el mundo infinito de la web.. Es el otro sueño, antinatura, la ideal copia que el hombre hace del sueño .Mundo sontenido por la electricidad: Ciudad es la situacion ideal, de un museo virtual, es la ciudad que genera un museo, o es el museo el que genera esta ciudad?, que a su vez es muestra de un talento: el  de Jorge. Matura es la ciudad que habita en Jorge,  estatica,  perfecta, organizada; no hay gente, nadie la respira, nadie ensucia sus calles, la brisa no sopla, las voces no juegan en sus esquinas, ni los olores., nunca, pero !
nunca  veremos en ella a una cara conocida. Siempre seremos visores, viajante, viajeros. Aunque plantado en su centro, en ella soy tan extranjero como ustedes. Matura, es ahora el espacio virtual donde  se exhibe la obra de Jorge, y donde virtualmente permanecera la mia.  Eternamente juntos en los tiempos virtuales."

Ciudad/city, es una muestra de aquitectura, de Jorge Khawam. Que esta abierta a partir de hoy, en o en . 
Carlos Sanchez-Vegas. Seattle, Jul 2001



Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 22:26:25 +0200
From: "gregory chatonsky" <>


IO-N.NET is a cooperative project in FLASH which presents artistic proposals
whose starting points are "neutral" technological elements  (HTML code,
iteration, synthesis, downloading, screensaver, etc.) and whose point of
arrival is the constitution of new perceptions: technologies far from being
instruments subjected to our will, restructure our being-in-world, our
identity, our imaginary and our esthetics.

The sub-projects of this platform finish by the locution "ION" and have each
one his own domain name, for example

You are invited to submit new projects. FLASH interactive animations must be
700X350 pixels.
You can directly send your projects on RECEPT@IO-N.NET by joining your
source file FLA., the title of your project and topics, your name, country,
age and if you want a short cv.

If you want to use advanced technologies like ASP, PHP, MySQL, or others
plugins, contact me.

For more informations on the project concept, go to PRESENTAT.IO-N.NET or

Gregory Chatonsky

* Thank to diffuse this call for sumission.
* Supported by CICV and Next Movies.


Last works:

Incident Center (IC)
url :


abdication abduction aberration abjection abjuration ablation ablution
abnegation abolition abomination abreviation abrogation absolution
absorption abstention abstraction acceleration accentuation acceptation
acception accession acclamation acclimatation accommodation accreditation
accumulation accusation acquisition action activation actualisation
adaptation addition adduction adequation adhesion adjonction adjudication
adjuration administration admiration admission admonestation adoption
adoration adulation aeration affabulation affectation affection affiliation
affirmation affliction agglomeration aggravation aggression agitation
aglutination agregation agression aimantation alienation alimentation
allegation alliteration allocation allocution allusion alphabetisation
alteraction alteration altercation ambition etc...



Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 11:56:31 +0200
From: "Gabriel Pickard" <>
Subject: Fw: <demokratica> re:struct

>   <demokratica>
> <english> //deutsch weiter unten
> Hello friends of Demokratica!
> 1. Demokratica is being restructured.
> A few measures that will hopefully lead to more Good:
> a- The name "Demokratica" will become more independent.
> Like a trademark (the logo should be coming soon, Isaiah?).
> b- The structural idea of Demokratica will be externalised.
> c- The concrete work and action is supposed to become the
> center of attention.
> d- "Market-ideological outsourcing", the economical system
> is not rigidly defined, but can be chosen, as needed from
> interneal or external sources.
> e- There should be more action into a political and social
> direction, that clearly bears Demokratica's handwriting.
> !In any case, we will keep certain basic goals and ideas,
> like "the Good", cooperation - and (especially with me),
> certain thought-structures that I can't clearly describe
> (like modularity)
> 2. Things are changing. Easily enough, this is happening
> because I am noticing, in the riping-process of this whole
> business that certain dreams and ideas cant be upheld any
> longer in _this_ way. A lot of stuff here will be proceding
> very slowly, there just isn't enough workforce. concerning:
> a- we can learn a lot from the rtmark-people here
> b- proceding as slowly as we are, we will probably notice
> that we are working together in certain structures - and
> those won't always be identical to the theory.
> c- for example linklayers. Especially in this process, it
> becomes clear to see, how slowly we are proceding, it just
> takes a long time to do a whole operating system.
> d- for example a - slightly adjusted - implementation of
> the NAM-concept??? Maybe combined with a whiff of Oekonux-
> GPL-Society?
> e- Something like that just is identity-creating. But, what
> is Demokratica's handwriting???
> Well, take care, Gabriel
> <ps>
> 3. reference:
> Demokratica:
> Isaiah: (screen design for small
> people)
> rtmark
> Kojin Karatani (&NAM)
> (the best site for anglophiles)
> Ökonux: ((almost) only in german)
> Nettime:
> 4. What does this mailinglist mean - and what do I mean
> to achieve with this email?
> I don't really know, I am trying to get out of the habit
> of defining things in beforehand, that noone except myself
> believes will work anyway ;-}
> There already are some good mailinglists, concerning similar
> themes [Ökonux, Nettime] - and I don't want to produce more
> information-splintering, the world already is entropically
> enough... But I view this business very mellow. It's intended
> especially for those people who aren't discussing on the other
> lists.
> 5. I have initialized this list now, most of you have been
> placed on it "by force", i hope you'll forgive me - and will
> be recompensated with a few interesting posts... And if you
> think that I missused your trust - because you didn't want to be
> on this list, then forgive me - and be sure, i just wanted to
> achieve as much Good as possible in this world.
> </ps>
> </english>
> <german>
> Hallo Freunde von Demokratica!
> 1. Demokratica wird restrukturiert.
> Einige Maßnahmen, die hoffentlich langfristig zu mehr Gutem
> führen werden:
> a- Der Name "Demokratica" wir immer stärker für sich gestellt.
> Wie ein Markenname (Logo sollte in Arbeit sein, Isaiah?).
> b- Die Strukturidee wird weiter nach Aussen gestellt, mit
> anderen Worten: stärker auf Eis gelegt.
> c- Im Gegenzug soll das konkrete Wirtschaften in den
> Vordergrund gestellt werden.
> d- Ein Marktideologisches Outsourcing, das Wirtschaftssystem ist
> nicht fest, sondern kann nach Bedarf von anderen oder eigenen
> Ideen bei konkreten Projekten ausgewählt werden.
> e- Es sollte mehr Aktionen geben, die politische und soziale Ziele
> haben und Demokraticas Handschrift tragen.
> ! Auf jeden Fall werden uns aber bestimmt Grundziele und Ideen
> erhalten bleiben, so wie "das Gute", Kooperation - und (besonders
> bei mir), bestimmte Denkmuster, die ich nicht genau beschreiben
> kann (wie Modulhaftigkeit)
> 2. Dinge verändern sich. Aus dem einfachen Grund, dass ich mit dem
> reifen des Ganzen (und von mir selber) merke, dass bestimmte Träume
> und Vorstellungen _so_ nicht aufrecht erhalten werden können. Viele
> Sachen hier werden sehr langsam voranschreiten, es gibt einfach
> nicht genug Arbeitskraft. zu:
> a- Hier kann man einiges von den rtmark-leuten lernen
> b- wenn wir so langsam voranschreiten, werden wir wahrscheinlich
> merken, dass wir in bestimmten Strukturen Zusammenarbeiten - und
> die werden nicht immer mit der Theorie übereinstimmen
> c- z.B. Linklayers. Gerade in diesem Prozess offenbart sich die
> Langsamkeit des Voranschreitens, es dauert eben sehr lange, bis man
> ein ganzes Betriebssystem macht.
> d- z.B. eine - etwas angepasste - Implementation des NAM-
> Konzeptes??? - vielleicht, dass muss echt diskutiert werden.
> Vielleicht mit einer Prise GPL-Gesellschaft in Ökonux-Manier
> garniert?
> e- Sowas ist ganz einfach identitätssschaffend. Aber, was ist
> Demokratica's Handschrift???
> Naja, alles Gute, Gabriel
> <ps>
> 3. Referenz:
> Demokratica: (leider immernoch nur
> in englisch)
> Isaiah: (screen design for small people)
> rtmark
> Kojin Karatani (&NAM) (das beste,
> das ich gefunden habe)
> Ökonux:
> Nettime:
> 4. Was will ich mit dieser Liste - und was soll diese email?
> Ich weis es selbst nicht so genau, ich versuche mir abzugewöhnen,
> Dinge schon im vorneherein festzudefinieren, bei denen sowieso
> keiner ausser mir glaubt, dass etwas daraus wird ;-}
> Es gibt schon gute mailinglisten, die sich mit ähnlichen Themen
> beschäftigen [Ökonux, nettime] - und ich möchte keine unnötige
> Informationssplitterung erzeugen, die Welt ist schon entropisch
> genug... Ich sehe diese Sache aber ganz locker als eine Art
> "(zukünftige)Mitgliederbindung", besonders für die Leute, die auf
> den anderen Listen nicht mitdiskutieren.
> 5. Ich habe jetzt diese Liste initialisisert, die meisten von
> euch wurden "zwangsweise" daraufgesetzt, ich hoffe, ihr verzeiht
> mir - und werdet durch interessante Beiträge entschädigt.... Und
> wenn ich euer Vertrauen misbraucht habe - und euch fälschlicherweise
> auf diese Liste gesetzt habe, so vergebt mir - und seit euch gewiss,
> ich habe es nur getan, um möglichst viel Gutes in dieser Welt zu
> schaffen.
> </ps>
> </german>
> -----------------------------------------------
> Allein das Gute zählt | Only the Good
> --------------------------------------
> economydeliveredfromcapitaldemokratica
> Kooperate!
> fromthepeopleforthepeoplebythepeopledemokratica
>   </demokratica>
>   <ref>
>   <home> </home>
>   <list> </list>
>   </ref>


Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 13:53:56 -0500
From: Jeffrey Fisher <>
Subject: world bank protests?

i've been searching in vain for any news about attempts at "virtual"
protests of the world bank's virtual meeting at the end of june. i know
there were people trying to register for the event online. there was also
noise being made about other types of virtual protest.

if there's anyone who knows anyone or where (beyond the usual places, like
indymedia or globalexchange) i can find more info, i'd be most grateful.


- --
jeff fisher 
dilettant -- er, that's 'intellectual nomad' 

"I've come to the conclusion that revolutions aren't profitable."
- - Kevin Kelly


Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 20:11:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: acm acm <>
Subject: forward: interactivist info exchange

ABC No Rio, No Rio's InterActivist Network,
Autonomedia, and Nomad 
Media Lab have launched a new web initiative: the
InterActivist INFO 

The InterActivist INFO EXCHANGE is a user-moderated
discussion board
addressing alternative and oppositional news, issues
and culture.

At present the InterActivist Info Exchange can be
found at or

Check it out and explore. Sign-up as a "New User."
Submit stories and 
to stories already posted. Your participation is

- ----------
InterActivist Network

a project of ABC No Rio

156 Rivington Street
New York, NY   10002
(212) 254-3697
- ----------

artofficial construction media
A collaborative effort to screw in a lightbulb.
visit us on-line at

Do You Yahoo!?
Get personalized email addresses from Yahoo! Mail


Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 12:08:31 +0200
From: autonomy <>
Subject: call for submissions for 
call for submissions

the new soundtoys website project will soon be publishing a book and CD Rom
of works which explore the interaction between sound and image. in
particular, as the co-editor editor of the book i am looking for writers and
theorists who would be interested in contributing written articles on the
topic of ³the history of the interactive arts².

if you wish to submit or propose a piece please contact me. for other
contributions please contact soundtoys at the address below.


robert ovetz, co-editor
- -----

Soundtoys  Invite  for 2001...
NEW  festival  and presentation.  

Soundtoys are looking for artists, musicians who may want to contribute
interactive  web sound toys , and texts.  Soundtoys are  interested in
works  that explore  the  use  of  technology  to advance  audio visual
communication.   Soundtoys are  new audio  visual  experiences; and  this
includes  art toys, games, generative music,  interactive environments,
shockwave,  etcs.  Soundtoys  explores multimedia experiments and  the
parameters of this new media world.   The  aim  is to  push  the  current
definitions  of new  and  online  interactive  music  and  visually
inspired  audio  visual  systems.

Soundtoys fuses the new relationship between  music and interactivity and
allows the audience some control  in the perception of the music. This
change in the relationship between the audience and the artist will
radically change our aesthetic perception  and  attitude  to music  and
sound.  The user is  able to choose what they experience. Soundtoys can
exist  as art, toys,  generative music, interactive environments,
shockwaves, environments etc.

Many web technologies  are  explored  including  shockwave,  flash,  vrml,
java, and  the   soundtoys site offer  insights  into the  diversive  and
creative  nature  of  the  web  available  to todays  artists.

This invitation is open to artists,  digital musicians,  and creative
programmers  and writers. We are looking for artists, musicians  who want to
contribute sound toys, and texts for the planned book. As well as exposure
through this website the work will be promoted worldwide at festivals and

The    soundtoys site  has  already been  reviewed  in the  Independent,
some  was   shown  on  national  tv  and  it  is  Sonify's  site  of  the

Soundtoys    already  features  these  artists....


Send your files, cdroms, info, texts, and pictures to  

AND  fill  out  the  online  form  and  send  large  files  by  post..


Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 02:21:44 +0300
From: artologue admin <>
Subject: new site's up'n running...

hi there...

my site containing videos and net-art projex is online now. if u have some 
time, come'n give a look. would love to hear your comments on it...


also the admin of, which is a site on contemporary 
turkish art scene


Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:26:20 -0400
From: "ciac" <>
Subject: CIAC Magazine 13th edition

*Please excuse cross-postings*

The 13th edition of the electronic magazine of the CIAC, entitled
"Language transformed by the machine", is now online:
It focusses on the relation between natural language and languages as =
programmed in web

*Feature: Cybertexte by Anne-Marie Boisvert
*Interview with Steve Cannon by Anne-Marie Boisvert
*Reviews of Web works (Steve Cannon, Arcangel Constantini, Lisa Hutton,
JODI, Vannina Maestri, Talan Memmot, Mez, Mouchette, Mark Napier and
Netochka Nezvanova) by Anne-Marie Boisvert and Rossitza Daskalova
*Spotlight: The Book after the Book by Anne-Marie Boisvert
*Review of Mutek 2001 by Bernard Sch=FCtze

Good Reading!

Centre international d`art contemporain
de Montr=E9al (CIAC)


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