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re: <nettime> Where's Mumford?

Great to see Sean's list of additional people to read!

>Jacques Ellul. The Technoliogical Society. Save yourself the bother of
>reading Foucault.

Ellul scholars and freelance Ellul-fanatics are working in 
association - see details at www.ellul.org (francais/English) -
it's "not an antiquarian society interested only in a reverent 
inspection of Jacques Ellul's works; it is, in the spirit of 
Ellul himself, a movement to encourage the extension of a serious 
critique of technological civilization." The site is just
about to receive a thorough overhaul to remove its frames;
to link to it now, use http://www.ellul.org/index.htm. If you
would like to be updated when there's more available, write me
(jchat at world dot std dot com).

The Journal _Ellul Forum_ is so far only a print journal, but
is excellent...details on the web site also. 

Last year I collected some of the (few!) Ellul links in English,
here: http://world.std.com/~jchat/ellul/web.htm, and checking
now I see that some of them are dead already, including the
one with the best title: "Neon Genesis Evangelion meets Jacques 
Ellul"...(don't mourn too much, the title was the best part). 

I find Ellul worthwhile - all the terrific questions he asked 
ensure that his work is still valuable - but difficult to read 
because of his style. I recommend a rant called "Avoiding 
Misunderstandings Generated By Problems In Ellul's Style," 
which is part of the introduction to _Sources & Trajectories: 
Eight Early Articles_. Translation and commentary by Marva Dawn. 
Eerdmans, 1997. ISBN: 0802842682.  

Best regards,


Julianne Chatelain | freelance Ellul fanatic et cetera
http://world.std.com/~jchat/ | jchat at world dot std dot com

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