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<nettime> [admin addendum] Dutch Windows weenie sees only attachment

nick wrote:

     Check out my X-headers for some other nice e-mail DoS tricks.

when nettime moderators (felix stalder, scot mcphee, andrea mayr,
ted byfield) approve messages, we typically strip out all but the
basic four: To/From/Subject/Date. (for the last several weeks, we
have experimented with retaining Content-type as well; did anyone
notice?) unfortunately, this process is rote enough that i gratu-
itously stripped out the X-headers nick referred to in his mail:

     X-Fnord: +++ath
     X-WebTV-Stationery: Standard; BGColor=black; TextColor=black
     X-Message-Flag: Message text blocked: CHILD PRIVACY VIOLATIONS, 

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