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<nettime> nettime 1995_startup_history factZ;

   dear NETTtimerZ;

   hans_extrem/etoy.HANS writing phD thesis on "MEDIA

   i want to include the "HISTORY" of nettime into
   this book, as parallel, but highly important and
   influencal 1995 movement.. and am therefore looking
   for references for the spring 1995 startup of nettime;

   as i learned from different sources, the nettime
   list was started sometime after the '95 venice biennale,
   but the archive only starts in october 1995; so...

   if anybody has the archive and start info of the months
   prior to october 1995, i would be very very happy if you
   could send me a .zip file with it or put it online and
   send me the url, so i can analyse it in order to include
   the first [and always most important] steps of this
   ultimative culture art list ;)

   thank you very much;! please reply to ;


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