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<nettime> the internet shopping mall in 1994 (fwd) remember-when?

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'                              THE INTERNET MALL
'                       Shopping on the Information Highway
'            A monthly list of commercial services available via Internet
'                   Maintained by Dave Taylor
'                        [issue #2, 18 February, 1994]
' Organized by floors: First Floor: Media, Second Floor: Personal Items,
' Third Floor: Computer Hardware and Software, Fourth Floor: Services.
' Books
' Looking for some Shakespeare or Dickens? You'll find the online
' version of Book Stacks Unlimited, of Cleveland, Ohio a great addition
' to the Internet shopping mall. To connect: telnet books.com
' Future Fantasy, a bookstore of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and
' Horror, is now on the net. You can browse their catalog and place orders
' through Mosaic. Use the URL:
'    http://www.commerce.digital.com/palo-alto/FutureFantasy/home.html
' United Techbook Company of Longmont Colorado offers an online book
' service that encompasses over a million titles. You can connect, search
' for titles, and order books by using the command 'telnet utcbooks.com'
' with the account 'utc' (the password is also 'utc').
' There are a number of specialty bookstores available through the Whole
' Earth 'Lectronic Link: type 'gopher gopher.well.sf.ca.us' and choose
' 'commercial services' to find FringeWare,  Extreme Books (catalog also
' available via email at 'catalog@mailer.extremebooks.com') and Nebula
' Books, an online science fiction bookstore in Canada.
' Infinity Link Network Services offers an online catalog of CDs, video
' tapes, books, and laserdisks, all by connecting via telnet to
' columbia.ilc.com - log in as 'cas' at the prompt.  Alternatively, use
' gopher by typing 'gopher columbia.ilc.com'
' Annex: Technical and Computer Books
' Softpro Books is a small computer bookstore with shops in both Boston
' and Denver and an online catalog of over 1000 titles. SoftPro is also
' available on the world.std.com gopher server (choose "Shops of the
' World").  You can also contact them through email:
' softpro@world.std.com
' O'Reilly & Associates, publishers of a wide variety of high quality
' books on Unix and Internet topics offer their books directly through the
' Internet.  Point your gopher to 'ora.com' (e.g., 'gopher ora.com') or
' telnet to ora.com with the login 'gopher'.
' High Mountain Press Direct offers books on Unix, CAD, desktop publishing
' and geographic information systems topics. You can request catalogs and
' order titles by sending mail to 'info@bookstore.hmp.com'
' Artech House, a technical book and software publisher, offers hundreds
' of different technical titles - and some software and video tapes - via
' the Internet. Connect to 'gopher world.std.com' and choose 'Shops of
' the World'.
' One of the larger technical bookstores accessible online is Quantum
' Books, of Cambridge, Massachusetts with 20,000 titles on-hand and a
' database of 65,000 titles. The focus is primarily computer science,
' math and physics.  Contact them by gopher: look in 'Shops of the World'
' after connecting with 'gopher world.std.com'.
' If you're in Canada and you're interested in computer books and other
' technical books, Roswell Computer Bookstore of Halifax, Nova Scotia has
' a catalog of over 7000 books available online. Use 'gopher' and connect
' to 'nstn.ns.ca' and choose items 8 and 4 to see what they have.
' Silicon Valley is a logical place to find a great technical and
' computer bookstore, but through the Internet, you can also get to
' Computer Literacy Bookstore by electronic mail: send a message to
' info@clbooks.com to learn more about this service.
' Music and Video
' Infinity Link Network Services offers a catalog of video tapes,
' laserdisks, CDs and books accessible by connecting via telnet to
' columbia.ilc.com - log in as 'cas' at the prompt.  Alternatively, point
' your gopher there with 'gopher columbia.ilc.com'
' With an online catalog of over 80,000 titles, the Compact Disc
' Connection is perhaps the best of the current bunch if you're looking
' for some specific music. To visit this store, telnet holonet.net and
' log in as 'cdc' at the prompt.
' SECOND FLOOR: Personal Items
' Sunglasses, Shavers and More! catalog available through the Internet,
' though users interested in the Braun, Bausch & Lomb, Corning, Forchner and
' Victornox products will have to settle electronic mail only at this
' point: send a message to 'sunglass@clark.net' for a catalog.
' Okay, so you can get flowers, music, and books through the Internet,
' but what about that really special, unusual item you'd like to give your
' significant other?  JT Toys offers an electronic adult toystore
' accessible via gopher: connect to world.std.com and look in 'Shops of
' the World'.
' THIRD FLOOR: Computer Hardware and Software
' Software
' If you're a scientific type, you've probably already bumped into the
' book "Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing", but did you
' know that all the source code shown in that book is available to buy
' online in both C and FORTRAN? Connect with 'gopher cfata4.harvard.edu'.
' The Programmer's Shop is a ten-year-old company offering a wide
' selection of programming tools, with a catalog of thousands of
' different products.  Also included in the list are applications,
' utilities, hardware, and more.  Connect with them by 'gopher
' world.std.com' and choosing 'Shops of the World', or through email to
' progshop@world.std.com
' If you're looking for the BSDI version of Berkeley Unix for your
' computer system, you can contact the BSDI company directly via
' electronic mail for information and catalogs. Use Mosaic and
' connect to www.bsdi.com or try 'gopher gopher.bsdi.com'
' Annex: CDROMs
' Software junkies already know about Walnut Creek CDROM: it publishes
' over forty different collections of public domain and shareware
' software CDROM disks ranging from X Window sources to Mac and PC
' programs. You can see their catalog by using 'finger info@cdrom.com'
' and order by sending mail to 'orders@cdrom.com'.
' CD Publishing Corp makes available a variety of different CDROM disks
' containing archival copies of Usenet, networking software for PC
' computers, and more. Gopher to gopher.cdpublishing.com for more
' information.
' Hardware
' Interested in a new PC that runs a version of UNIX? Then you'll want
' to check with Fintronic Linux Systems, a company that offers a wide
' range of PC systems with Linux, a free Unix-like operating system,
' pre-installed. Obtain their catalog by 'finger linux-sales@fintronic.com'
' FOURTH FLOOR: Services
' Government Service Contracts and Documents
' Looking for sales and pricing information on products available through
' GSA contracts, indefinite delivery contracts, and open market?  This is
' a great place to check: telnet netmark.com and use 'netmark' as a login
' name.
' Document Center is a hard copy document delivery service specializing in
' government and industry specifications and standards. info@doccenter.com
' or gopher doccenter.com, choose "Document Center" or, if you're using
' Mosaic: http://www.service.com/doccenter/home.html
' Florist
' If you're perennially late with flowers and other gifts for your
' significant other, you'll be delighted to know that there's now a a
' florist on the Internet. Grant's Florist and Greenhouse can be reached
' through Mosaic (hhtp://florist.com:1080) or gopher; use 'gopher
' florist.com'.
' Credit Checks
' With all these electronic transactions flying back and forth, it was
' only a matter of time before a company came along to offer credit
' reporting services through the net too. Infotech Information
' Technologies of Charlotte, North Carolina now offer individual and
' business credit reports, Dunn & Bradstreet information, a social
' security locator service, arrest and conviction records and a whole lot
' more. Contact them via email at 'infotech@fx.net'
' Commercial Email Address Tracking Service
' If you've ever tried to send mail to someone just to have it bounce,
' you might be interested in this professionally maintained, easily
' searched commercial database of email users.  To learn more about
' this service, send mail to 'sled@drebes.com' with the subject "info".
' Small Business Incorporation
' Running a small business and ready to incorporate? You don't even have
' to leave your terminal if you contact The Company Corporation, the
' largest on-line incorporation service in the world. Connect to them
' with 'gopher doccenter.com', Mosaic http://incorporate.com/tcc/home.html
' or email: corp@incorporate.com
' Transcripts
' Transcripts of various programs can be ordered directly throught the
' Internet by connecting with Journal Graphics. To see their catalog, use
' 'telnet pac.carl.org', account PAC. Choose 'Information Databases'.
'            **** Notes on the Internet Shopping Mall ****
'   This listing is maintained by Dave Taylor, who is responsible for
'   the specific prose in each listing. If you disagree with anything
'   stated, have good or bad experiences with any of these services,
'   or, most importantly, have additional services to add to this list,
'   please send me electronic mail: taylor@netcom.com.  Please note
'   that I am in no way able to guarantee the legitimacy of any
'   service listed herein and am in no way liable for any good or
'   bad experiences you might have. Caveat emptor!
'   The criteria for being on this list are that the services must
'   be available on the Internet, must have products that they sell
'   and must be able to be ordered through the net directly, either
'   by gopher, wais, www, mosaic, or email. Excluded from this list
'   are Internet service providers themselves and contract technical
'   support from companies.
'   This list is available through a variety of mechanisms: type
'   'finger taylor@netcom.com' for more the most recent information.
'                         *****************
' --------------------------------------------------------------------------

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