cisler on Tue, 3 Jul 2001 01:42:21 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> G8 meeting

I suppose some nettime readers are gearing up for protests at the G8
meeting in Genoa <>.  Over the past
year a group of people have been working on a statement to be presented at
the G8.  While it is not a statement of protest, it may be of interest to

The group is called the Digital Opportunity Task Force, and it was
comprised of representatives from international organizations, business,
government, and NGOs in the G8 and govt. representatives from Tanzania,
Bolivia, Senegal, Indonesia, Brazil, south Africa, Egypt, who met several
times to work on the document which is here:

The goal is to address the inequities in access to information technology
in developing countries. The group added an action plan and hopes that
this won't be just another report that sits on the shelf.

If there is a lot of violence and the usual turmoil in the streets, I
doubt if you will hear anything about this issue during or after the
conference. The Genoa social forum, sort of the counter meeting, looks
about like the Porto Allegre forum where technology issues were not
addressed at all. <>

My only connection to the DOT Force is that I know some of the people who
were working on it. I'd be interested in comments on the report.

Steve Cisler

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