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<nettime> More on the Reader-List@sarai

Dear Nettime Readers,

This is to introduce you all to the recently launched discussion list on
the Sarai server called - 'Reader-List'.

As you may know from a few postings that have appeared on Nettime already,
Sarai:The New Media Initiative - is a space, a network and a programme for
collaborative work in media practice and research with a strong emphasis
on contemporary urban culture. It embraces multimedia and digital arts,
film and video, the Internet and computer culture, as well as issues
pertaining to the history of media and communication technologies. Sarai
is a programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societues, Delhi.

For more details about the Sarai Initiative, please see our website

The "Reader-List" is a an online space for inter-disciplinary discussion
on new and old media, tactical media, urban space and culture. The list
has a relationship with Sarai: the New Media Initiative in the sense that
it is administered from Sarai, but the views and opinions expressed on the
list are those of the authors alone.

To subscribe to the list mail go to

To view the archives of the list go to

The list is an invitation to post, debate and reflect on the relationship
between media, technology, cultural practice & politics, urban spaces and
human beings in a free and uncensored environment.  While many of the
Readers and Writers on the [Reader-List] are from Delhi/India/South Asia,
and the list often discusses issues that are relevant to and situated
within a South Asian context, this by no means is a cultural or
geographical sign of limitation.

Subscribers/Writers tend to be from a variety of backgrounds, and at the
last count embraced media practitioners, theorists, activists,
programmers, filmmakers, free software enthusiasts, engineers and artists
from Delhi, Lahore, Calcutta, Mumbai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, New York
and Sydney, among other places. There are presently about 118 members on
the list.

Some of the themes taken up in the threads of discussion that have emerged
in the last three months have been :

Surveillance of the Internet (in India and elsewhere)
Identification and Social Control
Virtual Disturbances and Electronic Sit Ins
Space, Cyberspace and cSpace
A Discussion on the Delhi Platform of Documenta XI
Closed and Open Urban Spaces

The Reader List grew out of an informal discussion space around the 
Sarai Reader 01: On the Public Domain (edited by Raqs Media 
Collective and Geert Lovink) which is available online at

Monica Narula
Sarai:The New Media Initiative
29 Rajpur Road, Delhi 110 054

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