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>From: Andreas Broeckmann

To: Netochka Nezvanova

>your compulsion to comment on everything, respond to everything, forward 
>everything, say everything, is boring, not only for me. i get things like:
>>Subject: Syndicte_spam 
>>Dear Andreas
>>Who is this "" that is spamming syndicate-it
>>really makes the list bad.
>strange to think that a single multiple like you can force a whole group to 
>migrate just because they are bullied out of the open hose that they have 
>created for themselves and others.
>i don't understand you. you have a clear sense of what you are doing to the 
>lists on a social level and yet you insist on artistic autism for your own sake.
>maybe you can explain to me, again?
>you know that i am genuinely concerned, like i was a few years ago when we 
>decided to unsubscribe you in order not to drown in messages and frustration.

there is no god walking in this garden

a boundary is defined by exclusion

fourteen month old human babies aren't bothered by breaches of propriety.
nineteen month old human babies point an accusing finger at the tiniest flaw: a hole in clothes, 
a chip in the paint, a spot of dirt on the wall, or most important, the `bad` behaviour of others.
they are incensed when things are `yucky`, `broken`, `boo-boo`, and `dirty`. 
in short, at less than 2 years old toddlers already show not just the instincts that patrol conformity within 
themselves, but the weapons which will help them impose it on others.

older children become far more aggressive enforcers of conformity.
as long ago as 1992, 21 percent of british schoolchildren had been teased, bullied, hit or kicked by fellow students.
it japan, it is often the teacher who leads the pack.

things are not that different in the modern artistic community.
when artists present works that contradict the tenets of established organizations' creed,
they are not praised for the objektivity of their work, but punished for their heresy. 
they are derided, their works and papers rejected by galleries and journals;
they are excluded from key symposia - all an indirect way of forcing them to "leave".

a similar mechanism of repression is at work in every discipline i know.

the lesson taught: to go against the tide is suicide.

colour is a construction of the brain. there arent any colours in the `outside` world.
newton knew this - "rays, to speak properly, have no colour. in them there is nothing else
than a certain power and disposition to stir up a sensation of this colour or that"


one of the most engaging puzzlez of a very puzzling art.
this is sharply emphasized by the delight of every spektator
who is succesful in solving the puzzle by finding in these enigmatic
stories some sort of tangible, pictorial justification of the title appended thereto - nn ... 

1001 venztuze. nn - simply.SUPERIOR

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