shu lea cheang on 13 Dec 2000 14:03:20 -0000

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<nettime> I did not fuck at CyberSalon. I was raped.

oh, dear, you have just put the words in my mouth.

>[Sender: richard barbrook <>]
>cybersex catechism
"I fuck therefore I am" (Shu Lea Cheang - 2000)

<Please remove this mis-quote>

I failed to inter(dis)course
at my cybersalon cybersex talk.

As a mobile autogasm self-unit,
i do not endorse the cybersex catechism.
(catechism, do the British recite them during fucking?)

The Salon remains a masturbatory exercise.

In case of any confusion happen again,
A pussy is not a clitoris.

I did suck on VNS Matrix' clitoris,
but i claim my own pussy.

Quote me on this one.

shu lea cheang, 2000

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