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From: "Lessard, George" <>
Subject: ERICA Prize or The Ericsson Internet Community Awards
From: "TPS" <>
Subject: BLAST THEORY at Performance Space
From: (Gijs Stork)
Subject: Boring!
From: "NCCA" <>
Subject: for announcer
Subject:  []
From: anemoon elzinga <>
Subject: e-culture fair
From: garage <>
Subject: filmfestival call for entries
From: valery grancher <>
Subject: *****
From: Kalina Bunevska <>
Subject: Invitation

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From: "Lessard, George" <>
Subject: ERICA Prize or The Ericsson Internet Community Awards
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 17:56:45 -0500

The Ericsson Internet Community Awards(ERICA)
seek to transcend borders by using the Internet and technology as a platform
to exchange ideas and information, while building a community that is based
on cooperation, innovation and partnership. 
Now in its second year, ERICA 2000 will award $500,000 (U.S.) worth of Web
development services provided by Ericsson Internet & Wireless Solutions to
five winners. This prize provides valuable tools and resources to non-profit

"The ERICA program grew out of Ericsson's strong commitment to use
technology to connect people and improve lives, " said Kennet Rådne,
President, Ericsson Business Consulting. "Ericsson is bridging the digital
divide by developing Internet-based applications to expand and increase
philanthropic goals and aspirations of non-profit organizations." 

The ERICA program provides non-profit organizations throughout the world
with new hi-tech and innovative tools to expand and develop their
philanthropic goals and aspirations. 

Save these ERICA dates 

June 5, 2000: Bridging the Digital Divide, Dan Geiger OpNet 

July 17, 2000: Submission process closes 

September 6, 2000: Online Fundraising, David Scholtz, 

September 15, 2000: Finalists Announced 

September 15-25, 2000: People's Choice Awards 

October 21, 2000: ERICA Awards Gala and Winner's Announcement 

Published: May 16, 2000

Welcome to the Ericsson Internet Community Awards (ERICA), where exceptional
minds and creators of phenomenal philanthropic ideas meet to shape concepts
and realize visions. 
Ericsson, the founder of this Web-based philanthropic awards program, has
been a global leader in the data and telecommunication industries for more
than 125 years. Ericsson, together with its circle of technology and
philanthropy partners, invites you to join the ERICA community by exploring
the endless possibilities offered to philanthropic organizations such as
your own. 

Visit THE PRIZE to find out how you can win a share of $500,000 US worth of
Web development services, available to any registered non-profit
organization anywhere in the world. 

Lars A Stålberg, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Ericsson, speaks
about ERICA.

Selection Criteria 

ERICA is designed to identify the most valuable, creative and significant
new Internet projects to aid the nonprofit community and bring these best
ideas from vision to reality. Ericsson will award five prizes of up to
$100,000 each in technical services to nonprofits that demonstrate how the
Internet can be used to meet a critical community need. 

Proposals will be screened by a professional philanthropic consulting
company, which will review and rate each submission based on the point value
system as outlined in the application. The highest scoring entries will be
sent to the ERICA Non-Profit Advisory Council, which is comprised of leaders
from the non-profit community who have actively advocated the adoption of
technology. Business and Internet pioneers from the ERICA judging panel will
then review the 20 finalists and select the five winners. 

Ericsson is seeking projects that incorporate the following: 

Project Purpose 
Each project will be judged on the overall purpose of the proposed project,
how it meets a demonstrated need and its potential impact on the community.
In defining the purpose of the project, applicants must 1) identify a
specific problem(s) or need(s) within the community; (2) propose a workable
and achievable means of addressing the community's problem(s) employing
Web-based communications; and (3) identify anticipated outcomes that are
both realistic and measurable. 

Each project will be rated on the degree to which the proposed project
demonstrates innovation and is exemplary. Judges will determine whether a
proposed project involves the development or demonstration of promising new
strategies and the potential replicability of the proposed project,
including its potential for implementation in a variety of new settings. 

Each project will be rated on its overall feasibility and its plan of
implementation. Applicants must address the qualifications, including
training and experience, of key project personnel, the adequacy of support
and other resources from the organization and the potential for continued
support and maintenance of the project. 

Community Involvement 
Each project will be rated on the overall level of community involvement in
its development and implementation. Judges will pay particular attention to
the strength and diversity of support for the project from the end users and
community partners. 

Published: March 26, 2000

Ericsson Internet Community Awards (ERICA) 
c/o Edelman Public Relations 
1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 500 
Miami, Florida 33131 
Facsimile: 305.358.1270 

-----Original Message-----
from: Katherine Morrow []
sent: Friday, May 26, 2000 2:58 PM
to: Bellanet Information Dissemination List
subject: [bellanet-l] Call for Applications: Ericsson Internet Community

> A Call for Applications:
> ERICA:  The Ericsson Internet Community Awards
> Offering five prizes of $100,000 USD in web development services to any
> registered non-profit organization anywhere in the world with an
innovative idea for a web-based application.
> The ERICA program is designed to help non-profits use the Internet to
> realize their missions and share visionary ideas for community 
> building in today's technology-driven world.  More information about 
this year's awards program, including a list of application ideas already 
submitted and details on the winning applications from last year can 
be found at
> In an effort to reach as many non-profit organizations as possible, I am
> sending this email with the request that you take a look at our program;
> consider posting a link on your site and/or bulletin boards; and perhaps
> pass it along to others that may also be interested.  If you 
have any more questions or would like a hard copy of the information kit 
mailed to you, please let me know.
> Sincerely,
> Helen Simpson
> Project Manager, Social Marketing
> Brand Experience Management
> Tel:  +1 905 206 7851
> Mobile:  +1 416 271 5143
> Fax:  +1 905 206 7495
> Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
> 5255 Satellite Drive
> Mississauga, Ontario   L4W 5E3

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Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 11:20:01 +1000
Subject: BLAST THEORY at Performance Space
From: "TPS" <>

Performance Space InSight Program presents.....


Performance Space is delighted to present a forum for practitioners to meet
and talk with two of the artists from Blast Theory- a London based group who
make live arts events, installation and new media work. Their recent works
include '10 Backwards', 'Kidnap' and 'Desert Rain'.

Matt Adams and Ju Row Farr will use two recent pieces of work as examples of
the merging of real and virtual space.  In 'Kidnap' (1998) the group ran a
lottery in which the first two prizes was to be kidnapped and held at a
secret location for two days whilst under constant observation by a web cam.
'Desert Rain' (1999 in collaboration with the University of Nottingham's
Computer Research Group) is a game, an installation and a performance in
which six visitors at a time work together to find a target in a virtual
world.  The world itself is projected onto screens of water spray.  If
successful, the visitors penetrate the screen to travel through two further
spaces and meet their targets via a video interview.

"Currently the most innovative multimedia group in British theatre" Theater
Der Zeit

Blast Theory are currently in Australia for ANAT¹s Alchemy at Brisbane¹s

SUNDAY JUNE 4 at 3pm
199 Cleveland Street Redfern
full $5 members free    BOOK NOW ON 9698 7235

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From: (Gijs Stork)
Subject: Boring!
Date:   Fri, 26 May 2000 11:53:41 +0200


Re-Magazine is back again. From Amsterdam NL we proudly present:
Re-Magazine #4 'Boring!, the Summer of year 2000.'

You might want to know something about this issue. What comes out of
boredom? Let's be inspired instead of being bored by boredom. Escape the

You might want to know something about boredom in general.
No, you don't.

You might want to know something about the maker. Basicly Re-Magazine is
made by one person, namely Jop van Bennekom, designer and chief-editor of
Re-Magazine. In cooperation with a network of friends he investigates,
explores, researches and exposes a different theme each issue.

You might want to know something about the magazine in general.
Re-Magazine is neither a lifestyle, fashion, art, nor a design magazine.
In fact it's a magazine in between all magazines.

You might want to know something about the history of Re-Magazine.
Re-Magazine started in 1997 as 'Daily Life Magazine'. Remember the home
issue, the media issue and the sex issue. Now after one and a half year
is back again. Thicker (84 pages full color), better, three times a year and
time even with advertisements.

You might want to know something about the distribution.
Get your copy at a selected bookstore for only fl. 17,50 or $ 9.00.
Re-Magazine is distributed all over the world.
Contact Idea Books (00. 31. 20. 6226154) for further details.

You might want to know something about what they say about Re-Magazine.
Douglas Coupland: "One doesn't find magazines as Re- in dentist's offices.
Nor does one find them in trash bins; they're 'keepers' - they're the
National Geographics of
a new world order, one both seamless and clean, fascinated and fascinating.
They're maps of some sort, I know they are - but to where?"

You might want to contact Re-Magazine.
Try to reach Jop van Bennekom or Julia van Mourik by dialing 00. 31. 20.
3209032 or
fax to 00. 31. 20. 5207676. Email: or

Thank you for reading this.

Artimo Foundation
Fokke Simonszstraat 8
1017 TG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel. +31(0)20 330 25 11
fax. +31(0)20 330 25 12
email :

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Subject: for announcer
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 16:47:43 
From: "NCCA" <>

National Center for Contemporary Art (Kaliningrad, Russia) announces "HOMO
Russia to focus on contemporary SOUND-POETRY.

largest collection of contemporary sound-text compositions available and
proffers a valuable supplement to the existing documentation of earlier

The curator of this project is Dmitry Bulatov; a
sonor/visual poet, performer, and lingua artist.

THE WORLD", contact Dmitry Bulatov at the National Center for Contemporary
Art :

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Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 19:28:28 +0200
Subject:  []

Organisation: K><X.zz
X-Mindcontainer: groundling
X-Kontekst: n!l
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X-Wotd: xiipµa_sh-tliskiøsz
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X-Penetration: sheer
X-Obsolescence: completion
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X-Powered-By: zz
X-Automation: la bas v.3

: X-crosspost=alef1;

if [local]
  framers manuaI artificial live @ Audio Inxident, Brussels (belgium)

  'you are playing at:
  the kaaitheaterstudio's
  olv van vaakstraat 81
  1000 brussels'

chrono-d4ta: ~ 2100 CET +/- 3 h

Ultra snulled korporat robots monitor reality - 01111 11110 11100 11111 11111 11110 000 000  

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Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 13:02:26 +0200
From: anemoon elzinga <>
Subject: e-culture fair

Call for potential presenters

E-culture fair

Amsterdam, RAI
12-13 November 2000

organised by the Virtual Platform

Why an E-culture fair?
The E-culture fair will be a showcase of work in progress in electronic
culture. Fifty stands will be filled by innovative projects that redefine
and challenge accepted applications of new media. This event, to be held in
Amsterdam, is organised by the Dutch Virtual Platform, a network of
cultural organisations working in the new media field: Montevideo, Society
for Old and New Media, V2-organisation, de Balie, STEIM, Netherlands Design
Institute, Doors of Perception, Exploding Cinema, Paradiso (see

What form will it take?
Fifty stands will be set up in five zones in the RAI building. As well as
stands, there will be space for special demonstrations, a few larger pieces
of work, and screenings. Guided tours are planned for invited guests from
various interest groups, and a programme of expert meetings will be
organised in an adjoining space. Evening events are also planned.

What kind of projects will be showcased?
The fair will present projects rather than organisations. We are looking
for new projects, preferably work-in-progress. The emphasis is on
innovation: research and development, new forms of software, creative
applications for specific target groups. Another key factor is co-operation
with project partners, either nationally or internationally, in particular
with other cultural disciplines and with other sectors - education, social
affairs, with commercial partners, with scientific institutions. One of the
principle aims of the fair is to enable and encourage co-operation.

Projects will be placed in one of the four different zones, according to
roughly these themes (these are working titles only):
*connecting communities
*touching/beyond the screen
*fun and gaming

Who will visit the fair?
Visitors will include new media researchers, developers, designers,
artists, students, policy makers and professionals from the world of
education, science, culture, economic development, journalists.
A general audience of interested individuals will join about 1,000
attendees of the Doors of Perception conference. We expect at least 5000
visitors over the two days.

When and where?
The fair opens on 12 November at 1pm. It takes place over two days, from
1pm to 6 pm. On 11 November the fair will be constructed, involving the
building of the stands and setting up of equipment. The fair will be
dismantled on 13 November at 6 pm. The fair's location is the RAI
international exhibition and congress centre, Europaplein, Amsterdam

Why come to the Netherlands in November?
Apart from the chance to present your project to a high-quality audience,
network with your peers, and benefit from media coverage, two key events
are taking place on or around the same time as the E-culture fair:

Doors of Perception, the renowned international conference. See This year, Doors of Perception 6 has the theme
'lightness'. 11-13 November, the RAI, Amsterdam.
Each stand at the fair will be given as part of the package, one free
ticket to Doors of Perception (street value: NLG 1000)!

DEAF, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Rotterdam, 14-26 November, theme:
'machine times'. See

What we offer
We will provide each project with a stand, similar to those found at any
trade fair, consisting of a space 3m x 3m with desk and chairs, light,
access to electricity and other connections where necessary. Depending on
the nature of the project, we will provide some stands with a computer
and/or monitor. We expect that many projects will bring their own laptop.
We also provide a standard information poster for each stand, for which the
content will be developed by the Virtual Platform and the project
presenters in co-operation.

We will cover the travel costs (economy class train, plane or car miles)
for up to two people from each project, depending on each individual
project, kind of travel required etc. We also provide accommodation for
three nights in the form of modest hotel room (with breakfast - single or
two people sharing twin room as required). We also offer lunch on 12 and 13
November, and a daily sum of 75 NLG to cover dinner and local transport.

Each stand will receive a free ticket to Doors of Perception, which takes
place in the same building in the morning (value NLG 1000).

A limited budget is available for the transportation of bulky equipment for
project presentations. This can be discussed on an individual basis.

While all possible security measures will be taken to protect your
valuables during the exhibition (including the hire of security guards),
the Virtual Platform does not accept responsibility for damage or theft.
You are advised to exercise special care, particularly during the
dismantling of the fair.

In order to draw a large audience, we'll give a lot of publicity to the
fair. Our website (under construction) will carry all the details,  posters
will be distributed, press coverage sought. A webcast of the fair is also

What you need to do now
To be considered for a stand, you should send the following information,
before 20 June:

1. What is the project? (max. 100 words)
2. Who is involved? (organisations, individuals)
3. What exactly would you show at the fair? (computer presentations, objects?)
4. What equipment would you need and would you bring it yourself?
5. Your URL
6. Contact person
7. Email address, postal address, telephone, fax.
Send us this information on the attached form or send an email to . We would be grateful if you could confirm as
early as possible whether you will be able to attend.

In November
All project presenters will be required to be in Amsterdam from 11-13
November. You will be required to set up and dismantle the content of your
stand in collaboration with the fair organisers. It is essential that at
least one person is present at the stand during the opening hours of the
fair, and that this person is qualified to explain the project to visitors.

Who selects the projects?
A commission of the Virtual Platform will select projects.

The secretariat of the Virtual Platform is responsible for the content and
the preparation of the fair. If you have any questions about participating,
please contact us at this address:

Virtual Platform
Cathy Brickwood (content)
or Anemoon Elzinga (practicalities)
Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
tel +31-20-5516545
fax: +31-20-6201031

Het Virtueel Platform
Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20 5516545
Fax: +31 (0)20 6201031

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Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 15:01:18 +0200
From: garage <>
Subject: filmfestival call for entries

last call for entries

Short Film Festival g-niale 2000
topic =93kuenstlich - artificial"

The short film festival g-niale will run from 3 to 6 August 2000 and=20
is part of the garage festival in Stralsund. Since 1997 garage has=20
been a festival for art, music and film, concentrated on the old corn=20
silo area in the town's port and also to be found at various places=20
in the old town centre. A highlight of the summer 2000 will be the=20
g-niale with the topic =93artificial", organized in cooperation with=20
the Filmclub Blendwerk e.V. Students of film and art schools and=20
professional filmmakers of all genres are invited to send their newly=20
produced short films (max. 20 minutes) to the festival. No=20
restrictions apply to the genre of submitted works. The preselected=20
films will be presented to an audience, which, at the end of the=20
festival, will determine the three winners of the festival prize=20
worth 2.000 DM

Deadline is 4 June 2000.

Entry forms and more information on the festival are to be found under:

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Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 21:23:43 +0200
From: valery grancher <>
Subject: *****


Le texte francais suit la version anglaise:


I have the pleasure to announce my next show somewhere sometimes ....

June 16 - July 2 2000: England
"Deptford X " festival, curator Paul Malone:
the piece "Midday night" will be shown
South London, Deptford.

July 8 2000 22h00: France
"On Air", "Rencontres internationales de la photographie d'Arles"
sponsorized of "la mission an 2000"
Live collective performance with Radio mentale (Sound DJ), Dominique
Gonzalez Foerster (video), Evelyne Koeppel (video), Takuji Kogo
(computer jockey), Emmanuel Grancher and me (video), at the antic
theater in Arles.
website conceived and produced by Vincent Neveux

July 22 - August 2000: South Africa
"Channel", Video biennal curated by Robert Wienek
Public eyes Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.
Internet installation with the fund of AFAA

July 22 - August 2000: Netherland
"Net Art", collective show curated by Peter Luining, Consortium,
Amsterdam, Netherland.

August 8 - september 2: Brazil
First electronic language festival "File", Museu da Imagem e do Som  (
Sound and images museum), Sao Paulo, Brazil.

October 21 - November 2000: France
Solo show, Chez Valentin Gallery, rue St Gilles, Paris, France.
Launching of no memory book collector version:
english - french monography copublished by Berkeley Art Museum pacific
Film Archive, Editions du seuil, French ministry of Culture DAP, AFAA,
Galerie Chez Valentin, Binome editions.
Design: Michel Mallard
International Commercial launching in library shop all over the world on
February 2001.

version francaise

J'ai le plaisir de vou annoncer mes prochains projets quelque part
quelque temps ....

16 Juin - 2 Juillet 2 2000: Angleterre
"Deptford X " festival, commissaire Paul Malone:
la piece "Midday night" sera presentee
South London, Deptford.

8 Juillet 2000 22h00: France
"On Air", "Rencontres internationales de la photographie d'Arles"
finance par la mission An 2000
Performance collective en directe sur le web avec Radio mentale (Sound
DJ), Dominique Gonzalez Foerster (video), Evelyne Koeppel (video),
Takuji Kogo (computer jockey), Emmanuel Grancher et moi (video), au
theatre antique d' Arles.
site concu et produit par Vincent Neveux finance par les RIP d'Arles

22 Juillet - Aout 2000: Afrique du Sud
"Channel", biennale video. Commissaire: Robert Wienek
Public eyes Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.
Installation internet.
Avec l'aide de l'AFAA

22 Juillet  - Aout 2000: Pays Bas
"Net Art", exposition collective. Commissaire: Peter Luining,
Consortium, Amsterdam, Hollande.

8 Aout - 2 Septembre 2000: Bresil
Premier festival du language electronique "File", Museu da Imagem e do
Som  ( Sound and images museum), Sao Paulo, Brazil. Guest

21 Octobre - Novembre 2000: France
Exposition personnelle, Chez Valentin Gallery, rue St Gilles, Paris,
Lancement de la monographie "no memory" edition de tete:
Francais - Anglais monographie coproduite et coeditee par le Berkeley
Art Museum pacific Film Archive, Editions du seuil, le Minsitere de la
Culture DAP, AFAA, Galerie Chez Valentin, Binome editions.
Design: Michel Mallard
Lancement international, commercialisation dans les librairies (tous
territoires: monde entier) en fevrier 2001.

Avec toute mon affection,


Valery Grancher

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Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 11:31:32 +0100
From: Kalina Bunevska <>
Subject: Invitation

The Contemporary Art  Center - Skopje, Macedonia
cordially invites you to attend the opening of the exhibition

Missing sounds, missing shadows
Dejan Spasovic & Dorijan Jovanovic

Wednesday, 31.05.2000, 8.30 PM 
CIX Gallery 
(Orce Nikolov 109)

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