Zeljko Blace on Tue, 30 May 2000 05:54:13 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> ,nettimeZ coming to Croatia ...

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a brief introduction in recent goingONs in Croatia

after a  l o n g  period of nothing-new-is-happening
here in wonder(full)/(fool's) Crpatia 
things R finally m o  v  i   n     g      o        n.

on14.05.2000 18.00h opened a first major computer-art
exhibion featuring 
computer art of the 60ties +   
web.art from compettiton of multimedia institute +
presentation/performance of AlexeiShulgin & VukCosic

later that day opened a first net.culture club "mama"
which is esentially meating place for most 
of networkers and activists in Zagreb

and in this week we are expecting a first nation-wide
distribution of Labinary newsletter trough "Zarez" 
weekly magazine that is most opened to contemporary
theory, art and culture

activity of future radio station "radio.active" is now 
going to be physicly based around "mama"

except this events/projects/groups
Croatian websurfers got a few news portals 
in last 4 weeks and some of the computer magazines
are actually thinking of including net.culture 
sections outsine of their regular lifestyle news 
(which are basicly relevant as worst 
yellow print magazines).

...anyway 'hope this is only the first of good-news
reports comming from Croatia ...

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             'just love those random dots

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