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<nettime> ICANN At Large Election: Update 1.1

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Two important documents relating to ICANN's At Large Membership election
process have been recently been posted on the ICANN website.  Members of
the Internet community are encouraged to review them, and to provide
comments and input. 

In addition, we have updates on the mailing of PIN numbers and the posting
of translated documents. 

  (A)  NomCom Call for Recommendations and Expressions of Interest

The Nominating Committee (NomCom) has posted a Call for Recommendations
and Expressions of Interest at <>. 
The posting lists some key criteria for nomination and useful guidelines
for input, along with a general timetable for its work.  The NomCom
actively requests input.  The NomCom's page is at

  (B)  Proposed Rules for the Self-Nomination Process

A draft set of proposed rules for the self-nomination phase of the At
Large election process has been posted at
<>.  The deadline for
public comments is June 5. 

  (C)  PIN Numbers

Each At Large member receives a membership number and password (via
email), and a PIN number (via postal mail).  You should already have
received your membership number and password.  (If you have lost or
misplaced your membership number and password, please visit

PIN letters are being sent this week -- to save money on mail processing,
ICANN is sending the letters in large groups.  You should receive your PIN
letter within the next few weeks, depending on the postal system. 

   (D)  Translation

The first set of professional At Large Membership website translations are
underway, and should be posted within the next few weeks.  The first
languages will be Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, Spanish,
Portuguese, French, and German. 


Later this year, ICANN's At Large Members will choose 5 Directors for the
ICANN Board.  To become an At Large Member, please visit
<>.  The At Large Membership election process can
be broken down into three distinct segments, with several components for

   1. Determination of the ballot (now - August 20)
        - Nominated by the Nominating Committee (now - July 20)
        - Self-nomination (July 20 - August 20)

   2. Campaign period (August 20 - September 20)
         - Posting of web page for each candidate
         - Notification of At Large Members via email

   3. Vote by the At Large Members (September 20 - October 1)
         - Casting of online ballots by At Large Members
         - Counting of ballots
         - Monitoring and oversight
         - Announcement of results

The posted documents relate to the two components of item (1), above.
ICANN's Election Committee <> is working to
draft detailed rules for items (2) and (3), which will be posted for
public review and comment over the coming months. 

ICANN At Large Membership

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