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<nettime> Support the Yugoslavian student opposition

Support the Yugoslavian student opposition

May 26, 2000

The heat on the Yugoslavian students resisting the Milosevic government is
going to increase significantly in the next few weeks. A new
'anti-terrorism' bill is going to be used to crack down the student
opposition. Universities are being closed for this season, starting 27
May, to prevent students from meeting and organizing. 

The student opposition against Milosevic is organized in Otpor! Which
stands for Resistance! Please take a moment to voice support for the
students of Yugoslavia and their Otpor! movement by visiting

What can you do?

1. Go to the url mentioned above
2. Download one of the Otpor! graphics
3. Put the graphic on your homepage and link it to

The logo of Otpor! is a FIST.

Supporting the students by putting THE FIST on your site and linking the
graphic to is something useful you can do. Regard it as
moral support. 

To get the latest news about the developments in Serbia regarding student
opposition and the repression of independent media visit these websites:

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