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<nettime> Apocalyptic Herd Instinct

Apocalyptic Herd Instinct

Your Materials for March 24

This is a Spanish Art Project. Spanish Art is the movement which arises
from the ashes of Net Art. Replacing the old outdated term "net" with the
newer and conceptually superior name "Spanish". The Spanish Artists, as
distinct from the Net Artists, are in the process of spreading "Spanish
Art"  simultaneous with the development of the "Spanish Art Style", which
will, naturally, be unlike anything which has come before in any way. In
order to organize this event, the Spanish Artists have chosen JULY 15 AS
INTERNATIONAL SPANISH ART DAY. During this day, Spanish Artists around the
world will act out parts of a complex Spanish Art ritual. Each artist, or
"Spaniard", has been given a list of materials which must be used in this
ritual. Your contribution will be to use your materials in a way which
seems to fit with your concept of this growing, international movement.
Please mail descriptions of what you plan to do, so they can be published
on the, the forthcoming international Spanish Art site of
multiple origins. 

A net artist who is too lazy to come to terms with Spanish Art

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