Eveline Lubbers on Fri, 26 May 2000 18:31:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Shell has to adjust Pura campaign

May 16, 2000
Shell has to adjust Pura campaign

The Dutch Advertisement Code Commission ruled that Shell has to change her
campaign for Shell Pura. A few weeks ago the producers of the critical
VPRO television show with the ironical name of Waskracht (Washing power)
filed a complaint at the Commission about the misleading character of the
campaign. Shell pretends to introduce a revolutionairy new brand of
petrol, that would spare the environment, or even improve it. Judging by
the environmental effects, Pura is not so much different from other
petrols, specially because of all the energy demanding production
processes that are needed for Shell Pura.

Because companies have far reaching liberties to run advertising campaign
the way they want to, the complaint was partially allowed. Shell is
allowed to continue the campaign but in a strongly reduced version,
whereby the purifying aspect of Pura and the improvement of the
environment have to be avoided  because they are misleading the public. 
Shell spokesman Reinier Treur said Shell would adjust the campaign as soon
as possible, but declared to be satisfied at the same time, because the
Commission did not rule against the campaign as a whole. 

Pamflet, Dutch left newsservice and VPRO Press statement May 16, 2000
Translation: eveline lubbers

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