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<nettime> A second look at nupedia

*From: Fil <>
*Subject: second look at nupedia

Interesting and great project, but here's a question:

is nupedia going to be a Western encyclopedia for the American high school
graduate? Yes and No, says the site. In any case, American English seems to
be the nupedia language. "Input from everyone is welcome, of course", but.

    -- Fil.


Please note: 
The following is an initial, unelaborated category scheme.  There will be
editorial review groups corresponding to all categories but the
super-categories (such as "Foundational Disciplines") below.  Our inclusion
of Western-related subcategories in the History, Literature, and Religion
categories at this juncture should not be regarded as indicative of a
**Western focus or bias**; but due to concerns recently raised, we may
simply remove these subcategories soon.  We will be leaving the task of
adding further subcategories, and interdisciplinary categories, to the
experts who will staff the relevant editorial review groups.  Input from
everyone is welcome, of course.



../.. unimpeachable standard American English usage, grammar, punctuation, and

../.. Pronunciation of non-English and uncommon words and names should be
given in parentheses.  Generally, if there is a substantial chance that **an
American high school graduate** will not know how to pronounce a word, name,
etc., then supply a simple phonetic explanation.  Examples: the Weimar
(VY-mar) Republic; George Berkeley (BARK-ly).


Perhaps in the future there will be a manual of Nupedial (that's the
adjective) style, but for now, we will adhere to the most recent edition
(the 14th) of The Chicago Manual of Style on questions of punctuation,
citation, and other issues.  Questions of usage are to be answered with the
help of the excellent, recently-published Dictionary of Modern American
Usage by Bryan A. Garner (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998).  (The
hardcover edition of the latter is fairly inexpensive and can be ordered
online.)  All copyeditors will be expected to have and use these two
references; editors, peer reviewers, and writers are encouraged to use them
as well.  Garner's pragmatic stance toward nonsexist language will be
Nupedia policy. 


*From: "Larry Sanger" <>
*To: "Fil" <>
*Subject: Re: second look at nupedia
*Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 16:51:58 -0700


Your e-mail will have one positive effect, I'm happy to report: we'll
include a statement to the effect that this is, most certainly,
international project in the "general Nupedia policies" section of the
policy statement.

Larry Sanger

*From: Fil <>
*To: Larry Sanger <>
*Subject: Re: second look at nupedia

Fine! Would you allow me to publish my question and your answer in the
nettime-l mailing-list? People there are really concerned by cultural
questions on the net, and very much in favor of participating in the nupedia

*Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 06:50:12 -0700 (PDT)
*From: <>
*To: Fil <>
*Subject: Re: second look at nupedia

Please go right ahead.

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