t byfield on Thu, 25 May 2000 00:33:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Re: (protocol) Re: Histories

alex@rhizome.org (Tue 05/16/00 at 10:31 AM -0700):

> The Rhizome contentbase is backed-up periodically using normal protocols, 
> plus a semi-complete archive lives on my home computer and probably in a 
> few other places (eat your heart out, 0100101110101101.ORG!). Rhizome is 
> dedicated to long term preservation, so this material is not likely to 
> disappear any time soon.

i should hope not. after all--and it's a shame you didn't 
mention this aspect--in doing so, rhizome is only protect-
ing its assets:


...  By posting material to RHIZOME RAW you agree to grant
     Rhizome Communications the non-exclusive, worldwide,
     perpetual, royalty-free right to reproduce, modify,
     edit, publish, sub-license, make derivative works from
     and distribute such material in any form or media,
     including posting such material on RHIZOME DIGEST or the
     RHIZOME Web Site. Rhizome Communications reserves the
     right, in its sole discretion, to edit any subscriber
     posting, and to chose to include or not include such
     posting in RHIZOME DIGEST or on the RHIZOME Web Site. ...


...  You grant Rhizome.org the non-exclusive, worldwide,
     royalty-free right to reproduce, store, modify,
     distribute in digital form, perform and display your Art
     Project in connection with, or to promote, the ArtBase.
     You also agree that Rhizome.org may use your name on the
     Rhizome.org Web site, or in connection with promoting
     the ArtBase. 
     Rhizome.org reserves the right to make changes to your
     Art Project as may be necessary to maintain the ArtBase,
     including for the purpose of adapting it to changing
     technologies. Rhizome.org also reserves the right to
     index your Art Project within the ArtBase, to remove
     your Art Project from the ArtBase at any time or to
     discontinue the ArtBase. Rhizome.org will consider your
     requests to modify or update your Art Project, but will
     not be required to make any such changes. ...

> ideas and suggests? post to list@rhizome.org.

what--and grant rhizome the non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, 
royalty-free right to reproduce, store, modify, distribute in 
digital form, publish, sub-license, make derivative works from, 
perform and/or display my ideas and suggests? not on your life.


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