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<nettime> nupedia as a war machine?

"son of a gun..."

I agree that the Nupedia has the potential to become an interesting
resource that i would myself be using. There's a beautiful passage in
William Gibson's Mona Lisa Overdrive in which Angie Mitchell talks to her
house, whose brain or computer center, is equipped with some kind of
encyclopaedic resource, that can also look for, and get, video resources,
fiction and non fiction... 

And of course it is easy to place objections to an ongoing project.  But

1. i was wondering how to turn a "tree like" [after Deleuze+Guattari]
project of knowledge that aimes to reproduce the existing knowledge and
the existing systems of interpretation of the world -a machine of state-,
into a "machine of war", that D+G suggest art should be, and even
sometimes, has been. 

2. the other source of criticism, is inspired by educators like Brazilian
Paulo Freyre, who wrote about working with people to help them produce
"their own word". This is opposed to what he calls the "banking model" of
education in which educators, usually representing the state, define the
programs, the words, that are significant... in the case of the Nupedia it
loks like it would be "the word" of north american academy/middle class...
I would rather /also read a Nupedia produced from the zapatistas
standpoint: how would words like "zapatismo", "gentrification, gangs,
globalization, sweat shops, dual cities", read in the Nupedia?, -if any
disagreement among the peer readers-editors should be erased from the
final articles? And those are some of the relevant words many people would
like to learn about, to discuss. 

os favelados


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