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From: curator <>
               Subject: [?]
From: Lincoln Hui <>
     Subject: The Future of Art Forum - A Place for Science and Technology?
          From: "Lessard, George" <>
     Subject: Nunavut Website "Inuktitut Pictionary" is one of the finalists in
          From: "l'audible" <>
               Subject: news from camp l'audible
                    From: Oliver Ressler <>
               Subject: Project Information "Sustainable Propaganda"

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Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 13:33:21 -0400
From: curator <>

Year Zero One Forum  Issue #6

Year Zero One announces the launch of Issue #6, the sixth edition of 
our  forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice and digital 
culture through on-line crital reviews, essays and news.

Featured in the current issue is:

Review of Istvan Kantors lastest installment of the 'File Cabinet 
Project' at InterAccess
Reviewed by Suzanne Farkas

A Survey of P.Elaine Sharpes latest exhibtion at the Art Gallery of 
York Universtiy
Essay by Natalie De Vito

PANDORAS BOX: Three Cats in a Box with Bots;
Convergence/Teleconferencing/Inter-facing and the Delicate Chemistry of Balance
Review of Pandoras Box  interactive telerobotic exhibition at InterAccess
Reviewed by Sasha Wentges

Review of Duncan Macdonald and Jessica Thompsons exhibition at the 
Pekao Gallery
Reviewed by Harold Alegria-Ortiz

  News about the upcoming Subtle Technologties Conference which Blurs 
theboundaries between art and science  in an exploration of subtle 
phenomena and its representations.

Report on the launch of internet based electronic  networking service 
for the media art community in Toronto and abroad.

YEAR ZERO ONE is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a 
network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media 
through exhibitions, an extensive media arts directory, 
slide registry  and the YEAR01 Forum.

to unsubscribe enter UNSUBSCRIBE in subject field
and email to:


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Date: 13 May 2000 20:34:59 -0000
Subject: [?]

		+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
		|C|I|C|V| |P|I|E|R|R|E| |S|C|H|A|E|F|F|E|R|
		+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

	 _  _ _____      _____ _    ___ _____ _____ ___ ___    __ ___
	| \| | __\ \    / / __| |  | __|_   _|_   _| __| _ \  /  \_  )
	| .` | _| \ \/\/ /\__ \ |__| _|  | |   | | | _||   / | () / /
	|_|\_|___| \_/\_/ |___/____|___| |_|   |_| |___|_|_\  \__/___|


#French version  below


ESTER  (Network of Cross-border School  Establishments)

An educational project on internet developed in co-operation between
the CICV, "Espace Gantner" in France and the Jura  Canton, joining 12
Swiss and French schools in a network.

THE NURSERY - 3rd Season

European Project for the professional training of young multimedia


Weekly sessions by the team from the CICV with engineering students at
UTBM, Sévenans, until 30th June


"A private collection, fragments". Anne-Marie Charbonneaux,
collector,presents the works of Dennis Adams, Jean-Pierre Bertrand,
Alain Clairet, Patrick Corillon, Herbert Hamak, Anne-Marie Jugnet,
Kevin Landers, Vik Muniz, Huang Yong Ping, Charles Ross, Rivka Rinn,
Jean-Claude Ruggirello, Ernest T., Stephen Willats and Krzystof

Co-production - Espace Gantner and CICV Pierre Schaeffer, 

Espace Gantner,  multimediaculture centre of Bourogne, from 28th April 
to 16 July.


"1990-2000 : Ten Years of Video Creation" : Presentation of works
realised by the CICV.

Villa Franck, Ludwigsburg  from 10th to 16th June. Special evening on
16th June at 7 PM.


Presentation of the "Mysteries of Conversation", an interactive
multimedia presentation, of "Icare", a virtual reality installation, of
the "Vidéomaton" , a video device.

PSA Peugeot Citroën, Sochaux, 24th and 25th June


Organisation of the programme for the International Biennial of
Electronic Arts/Nuits Savoureuses 2 (Belfort, 14th -20th  December).
Calls for projects until 30th May 2000.

Artistic Co-ordination : Anne Roquigny

Communication/Press Accreditation : Eric Prigent


4th meeting of European Art Centres

Ivry-Vassivière, 25th-26th-27th May.

30th International Festival of Electronic Music and Creation of Bourges
"Synthèse 2000" (9th to 18th June) Participation in the jury.

"Un air dans la tête", a film by Caroline Chomicki and Isabelle

Film co-produced by the CICV and broadcast on the "Muzzik" channel for
the occasion of National Music Day (24th and 26th June).


The CICV has been invited to participate in several
international events.


Presentation of videos and a virtual reality installation

Alta Technologia Ancina /Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru, from
14th to 21st May.


Prague from 31st May to 3rd June.

Video programming and installations.


Tarragone, Spain, 7th and 8th June.

Participation in the international conference


Presentation of the project, "Hélico Maison", interactive multimedia

installation co-produced by the CICV and the Fournos Centre of Athens.

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athènes, 10 Juin.

CICV Pierre Schaeffer BP 5 25310 Hérimoncourt France

tel : 03 81 30 90 30 fax : 03 81 30 95 25

	+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
	|C|I|C|V| |P|I|E|R|R|E| |S|C|H|A|E|F|F|E|R|
	+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
   _    ___ _____ _____ ___ ___   ___ _  _ ___ ___     __ ___
  | |  | __|_   _|_   _| _ \ __| |_ _| \| | __/ _ \   /  \_  )
  | |__| _|  | |   | | |   / _|   | || .` | _| (_) | | () / /
  |____|___| |_|   |_| |_|_\___| |___|_|\_|_| \___/   \__/___|



ESTER (Etablissements Scolaires Transfrontaliers En Réseau)

Projet éducatif sur internet développé en collaboration entre le CICV,
l'Espace Gantner la République et Canton du Jura et mettant en réseau
12 écoles primaires suisses et françaises.


Dispositif européen de formation de jeunes entrepreneurs au multimedia.

Recrutement de la 3ème promotion en cours.


Interventions hebdomadaires de l'équipe du CICV auprès des
étudiants-ingénieurs de l'UTBM.

Sévenans, jusqu'au 30 juin.


"Une collection privée, fragments". Anne-Marie Charbonneaux,
collectionneuse présente les oeuvres de Dennis Adams, Jean-Pierre
Bertrand, Alain Clairet, Patrick Corillon, Herbert Hamak, Anne-Marie
Jugnet, Kevin Landers, Vik Muniz, Huang Yong Ping, Charles Ross, Rivka
Rinn, Jean-Claude Ruggirello, Ernest T., Stephen Willats, Krzystof

Coproduction Espace Gantner et CICV Pierre Schaeffer

Espace Gantner, espace culture multimedia de Bourogne, du 28 avril au
16 juillet.


"1990-2000 : 10 ans de création vidéo" : Présentation d'oeuvres
réalisées au CICV. 

Villa Franck, Ludwigsburg, du 10 au 16 juin. Soirée spéciale le 16 juin


Présentation des "Mystères de la Conversation", exposition multimedia
interactive, d'"Icare", installation de réalité virtuelle, du
"Vidéomaton", dispositif vidéo.

PSA Peugeot Citroën, Sochaux, 24 et 25 juin.


Organisation de la programmation de la Biennale Internationale des Arts
Electroniques/Nuits Savoureuses 2 (Belfort, 14-20 décembre). 

Appel à projet jusqu'au 30 Mai 2000.

Coordination artistique : Anne Roquigny

Communication/Accréditations presse : Eric Prigent


des Centres d'Art d'Europe

Ivry-Vassivière, 25-26-27 Mai.

- 30e Festival International des Musiques et Créations Electroniques de
Bourges, "Synthèse 2000". (9-18 juin)

Participation au jury.

- "Un air dans la tête", un film de Caroline Chomicki et Isabelle

Film coproduit par le CICV et diffusé sur la chaîne Muzzik à l'occasion
de la Fête de la Musique (24 et 26  juin).


Le CICV est invité à participer à plusieurs manifestations
internationales :


Présentation de vidéos et d'une installation de réalité virtuelle

Alta Technologia Ancina /Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima, Pérou,  du 14
au 21 Mai. 


Prague du 31 mai au 3 juin.

Programmation vidéo et installations.


Tarragone, Espagne, 7 et 8 juin.

Participation à la conférence internationale


Présentation du projet "Hélico Maison", installation multimedia
interactive coproduite par le CICV et le Centre Fournos d'Athènes.

Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athènes, 10 Juin.

CICV Pierre Schaeffer

BP 5 25310 Hérimoncourt France

tel : 03 81 30 90 30 fax : 03 81 30 95 25


Eric Prigent/communication et developpement 0680347906

CICV Pierre Schaeffer BP 5 25310 HERIMONCOURT

ligne directe 03 81 30 83 32

Fax 03 81 30 95 25

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Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 14:06:15 -0700

Electric Living in Canada 
Carol Sill
James K-M

With music by: The Winks

May 19th 8:00 PM

Western Front
303 E.8th Avenue
Vancouver BC

Admission free

Out of the digital laboratory of the north, a.k.a. Canadian media art 
practice and its affiliates, comes a document of wonder and 
amazement. ELECTRIC LIVING IN CANADA, a soon to be published DVD-ROM, 
represents the activities and thoughts of media theorists and artists 
from Canada and beyond. A host of characters that use technology in 
their work or espouse a critique of new technologies are assembled 
for your perusal.  The line-up includes Stelarc, Arthur Kroker, 
Derrick de Kerckhove, Niranjan Rajah, Thecla Schiphorst, Ahasiw 
Maskegon-Iskwew, Dale Amundson, James Faure Walker, Reva Stone, John 
Oswald, Christof Migone, Robert Ouellette, Jeanne Randolph, Sara 
Diamond, Elizabeth Fischer, Nancy Paterson, Adrianne Wortzel, Dave 
Watson, John Pungente, Liss Jeffrey, Vera Frenkel, Daniel Jolliffe, 
Alain Mongeau, Eric McLuhan and many others. The Electric Living in 
Canada project has emerged from Marshall McLuhan's research on 
"organising ignorance for discovery", and is an extension of the 
thought approach he originated and developed with the help of his 
various colleagues, especially Barrington Nevitt. Accompanied by 
musical guest The Winks, Vancouver-based Electric Living launches the 
results of their investigations into Canadian media culture. Come 
join the fair!


ZDM: a theme park of electronic culture
Vancouver May-June 2000


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From: Lincoln Hui <>
Subject: The Future of Art Forum - A Place for Science and Technology?
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 09:38:43 -0700


I would like to inform you of some news that is happening here at Everything
Art that may be of interest. has initiated a discussion with a
distinguished panel of artists, theorists, critics and technologists.  It is
our intention to promote an exchange of ideas and elicit a discourse between
these minds on the subject of the future of art and its growing relationship
with technology.  Some of the panelists already have combined art, science
and technology together in their work - for example Stelarc and his robotic
sculptures like the Third Hand.  

I invite you to come and read what these groundbreaking artists have to say.
The discussions will last for the next 3 weeks and the results will be
published in our online magazine, Everything Art, on May 12th, 26th, and
June 9th.  

Some of the panelists participating in the forum are:  
	*	Dr. Rachel Armstrong-Russell - lecturer, TV presenter,
multimedia producer, medical doctor, author
	*	Alan Sondheim - writer, artist, theorist, co-moderator of
the Fiction of Philosophy, Cybermind and Cyberculture email lists
	*	Tina Keane - lecturer at St. Martin's College, researcher
for Digital Creativity, artist in installation, film, video, and the digital
	*	Bracha Lichtenberg - artist, theorist, and psychoanalyst
	*	Davide De Angelis - multimedia artist, art director and
designer for 2 David Bowie albums
	*	Dr. Alf Linney - professor of Medical Physics &
Bioengineering at University College, London
	*	Brett Stalbaum - senior editor of Switch, San Jose State
	*	Simon Biggs - artist and professor of Research (Fine Art) at
Sheffield Hallam University
	*	Stelarc - performance artist, sculptor (Third Hand, Virtual
Arm, Virtual Body and Stomach Sculpture), Honorary Professor of Art and
Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University and a Senior Research Scholar at
Nottingham Trent University

Our panelists will be faced with some interesting topics and questions
dealing with science, technology, religion and art: why have science and art
been 2 opposing cultures!  When/where/how and if science and art will
converge?  What is the future of art?

I am interested in exploring opportunities for a feature, events mention or
link on your website, or possibly coordinating an email alert to your
membership regarding this forum.
Please visit our site <> and in particular, have a
look at Everything Art magazine at <>.   
I hope that this event will be of interest to you and your membership and
look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards,
Lincoln Hui
Tel: 1.877.777.9322 

***************************************************************** does not condone the use of "Spam" as a marketing tool.  The
goal of this mailout was to inform members of the technology and
contemporary art community of a pertinent discussion.  Please accept my
sincere apology if I have intruded.


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From: "Lessard, George" <>
Subject: Nunavut Website "Inuktitut Pictionary" is one of the finalists in
	 The Stockholm Challenge Award 2000
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 20:34:21 -0500

Arviat's Inuktitut Pictionary

The project is one of the finalists in The Stockholm Challenge Award 2000.
The winners in each category will be announced and celebrated on June 5th.
Arviat's Inuktitut Pictionary is cordially invited to go to Stockholm in
June to participate in the Prize Ceremony in the City Hall in the presence
of The Mayor of Stockholm, the media and a large number of distinguished
international guests.


Wayne Irkok, Grade 9 Student Summer Employee, Arviat, Nunavut, Canada 
During our trip to Dionne lake, we stayed in a camp for four weeks on the
land learning and making stories. We learned a lot about the land and our
traditional way of life. Our supervisor was Donald Sr. Uluadluak. Donald
taught us many things about hunting, trapping and boating. We went to a six
mile field trip by foot and collected terms and definitions from what we saw
and learned from the land.  

On July 10, 1998 we went back to Arviat to put all the definitions and
stories into computers and scanned images that were drawn by Donald. We put
all the works into a web-site.  

This Web site was made in the summer of 1998 by students at Qitiqliq High
School with help from volunteers, project staff and a local Web design

The Stockholm Challenge Conference will relate to the global character of
the Award´s program and to the contents of the Exhibition. One scheduled
topic will be: In what ways will the growing use of information technology
challenge and change the structures and hierarchies of our working lives?

Project Manager; Mark Kalluak 867-857-3073
Steering Committee; Elisapee Karetak, Susan Pameok, Jason Prince, Shirley
Tagalik, David Ukutak Jr., Alexis Utatnaq
Pictionary Project Team
Project Coordinator; Donald Uluadluak 
Summer Students; Wayne Irkok, Louis Irkok Jr., Jimmy Muckpah, Janet Suluk,
Cedric Manik, and Billy Sinnisiak
Original Artwork; Donald Uluadluak and Paul Taleriktok
Web Design by Inukpuk Technology; Daniel Burgess, Eric Anoee, Kristin
Andrews, Jonathon Gibbons, and Rufus Manik 

Project Sponsors; Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of
Education, Culture & Employment through the following programs: Working
Together, and The Aboriginal Language Enhancement Program, Kivalliq Partners
in Development, Municipal & Community Affairs, Nunavut Teacher Education

Local Partners; Arviat District Education Authority, Arviat Iyi Society,
Arviat Business Training Centre, Donald Suluk Library, Levi Angmak
Elementary School, Qitiqliq High School Computer Department. 

Special Thanks
Elders who were interviewed:
John Arnalukjuak; Helen Konek; Henry Isluanik; Job Mukjunik; Martina Anoee  
...and to SSI Micro for 
hosting this site on their server
Contact us
For other questions or comments contact:
Shirley Tagalik
Department of Education
Early Childhood & School Services 

Eric Anoee Jr.
Department of Education
Early Childhood & School Services
Inukpuk Technology 
is available for Web design or training in Nunavut.
Daniel Burgess

Arviat's Inuktitut Pictionary
Your project is one of the finalists in The Stockholm Challenge Award 2000.
The winners in each category will be announced and celebrated on June 5th.
You are cordially invited to come to Stockholm in June to participate in the
Prize Ceremony in the City Hall in the presence of The Mayor of Stockholm,
the media and a large number of distinguished international guests.

Two representatives from every finalist project is hereby invited to
participate in the Challenge dinner that will follow the ceremony.

You are also invited to participate in the Challenge campus, exhibition and
conference during 1-5 of June. Being a finalist in the Challenge you will be
exposed to considerable national and international interest. Many have
already expressed a wish to see and talk to the people, who have reached
high standards in information technology based projects throughout the

As an exhibitor you will receive free space and computer equipment as well
as internet access. Attending the exhibition and conference is free of
charge for the project owners as well as visitors, but the attendees must
pay for the travelling expenses and hotel fees themselves.

Other information about the exhibition, conference and campus will be
available on our web site To attend the final
events, please complete the attached forms before May 15, 2000!

The exhibition and other Challenge activities are being held in conjunction
with TIME.STOCKHOLM event during the same week in June. For more
information, please visit

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm in June!

Best regards,

Monica Bernestrvm
Project Manager
The Stockholm Challenge Award
Phone: +46 8 508 28 000
Fax: +46 8 651 76 33

Stockholm Challenge Conference and Exhibition
The Stockholm Challenge Exhibition showcases a selection of some of
Date: 4-5 of June
Hours: Sunday 10-17, Monday 9-13
Place: Kulturhuset on Sergels Torg Square
Organizer(s): The City of Stockholm
Language: English

Cost: The events are free of charge (the conference has a limited number of
Category: Offentligt Akademiskt

Target group: Entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the business segment, public
service, academia and the public, i.e. anyone who has a professional and/or
private interest in the use of information technology.

Event type: The Exhibition will showcase many fine IT projects from the
whole world.
Web address:

The Stockholm Challenge Exhibition showcases a selection of some of the
world´s best IT projects. The projects represent the whole world and
illustrate innovative ways of using information technology in different

At The Stockholm Challenge Exhibition you will find projects that enhance
most segments of community life, ranging from environmental issues to IT
solutions that strengthen the democratic process. There will be projects
that create a global cultural arena, or the most innovating examples of how
new technology might be used in education. There will also be projects that
increase quality of life and make the benefit of technical progress
available to more people and more countries.

The Stockholm Challenge Conference will relate to the global character of
the Award´s program and to the contents of the Exhibition. One scheduled
topic will be: In what ways will the growing use of information technology
challenge and change the structures and hierarchies of our working lives?

The Conference is open to the public, but the number of seats is limited.
For further information, go to where the final
event will be presented on April 1st.

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Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 18:37:32 +1000
From: "l'audible" <>
Subject: news from camp l'audible

N E W    I M P R O V E D   L " A U D I B L E   !


item 1: 

a special  present for you this wednesday night at the
=======  h y d r o g e n     j u k e b o x  ========
============ (89.7FM +
========direct from nz - GATE ==============
=====direct from au - phoebe jeebe / funky terrorists
=======and yet all will be live in the studio ======
=====wednesday 9pm - midnight =============
=== f o l l o w e d    b  y   ===================
======= .. furthermore ... rue/o'neill ===========

item 2:


item 3: 

=====BUT if you can't wait until then ===========
====== t o n i g h t in sydney a sound particle event
at artspace  -- > ==not broadcast this time, sorry : ( )
==== david patton, scott horscroft, loop orchestra ==
====== tuesday 16 may 7.30pm ==============

======  see below for official details ===========


PATTON's legendary performance is a recent incarnation of a rich tradition 
of performance in L.A. including local luminaries Mike Kelley, Chris Burden 
and Paul McCarthy. The performance involves a 23 minute live version of the 
Allman Brothers' song Whipping Post being played by the artists using only 
his index finger to turn the record on the turntable of an uplugged deck. 
David Patton's visit to Australia has been organised by Metro Arts.
REVOLUTIONS is a an emersive sensory 3D environment filled with the 
rhythmic space and tonal experimentation of turbulence, air movement and 
environmental phenomena created by SCOTT HORSCROFT. The performance is a 
hybrid of natural phenomena and digital manipulation composed into an 
active environment of illusion, movement and perceptive stimulation.

ENTRY - $8/$5

The Gunnery 
43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road 
Woolloomooloo tel +61 2 9368 1899 

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Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 12:03:48 +0200
From: Oliver Ressler <>
Subject: Project Information "Sustainable Propaganda"


a project by Oliver Ressler
in cooperation with Kunstverein Nuernberg
opening in the Katharines‘ ruin: 20.5.2000, 20:00

"The Expo is a project which as a whole, is a pioneer in naivete.
Technology and the future are presented in an unbelievably naive context
in which all of the problems are ignored. A truly childlike belief in
technology and the market’s healing powers is produced which the
sustainability debate has obviously not had the confidence to enter.
This is because it is a direct corporate park.”
[Christoph Spehr in the video "Sustainable Propaganda”, 44 min.]

"Sustainability is an intensification of capitalism and above all a
legitimization of domination, that more technology is underway,
primarily Hi-Tech. After all, not everyone has access to it, only
particular companies and industrial nations who then merely demand their
continued claim to leadership of this world.”
[Jörg Bergstedt in the Video "Sustainable Propaganda”, 44 min.]

The project "Sustainable Propaganda” (Nachhaltige Propaganda) confronts
"sustainable development”, the main theme of the world fair in Hannover
(June 1 to October 31, 2000). Under the motto "Human – Nature –
Technology” the Expo 2000 propagates that threatening environmental,
developmental and population problems can be solved by technology.
Although science and technology are indeed named as "causes” of the
ecological crisis, at the same time they are considered part of the
Since the 1992 Rio Summit at the latest, the ecological question has
been articulated almost exclusively in terms of the world wide debate on
sustainable development. The discourse flows from questions of
modernization, down-sizing, efficiency, population control and future
technologies. Utopian ideas are replaced by the technocratic management
of nature. The sustainability debate is marked by an exclusion of the
dimension of domination; the ecological relations are separated from
relations of domination (i.e. between "North” and "South”).

In a gigantic self-display of capitalist power, the future viability of
the system should be proven at the Expo 2000. For the first time in the
world fair’s history, the central exhibition area in Hannover is not the
exclusive presentation platform. So-called "world-wide projects” in
various cities and countries should also show solutions to ecological
and economic problems. The Expo offers itself as a symbolic battlefield
to make other social developments and designs visible. 

In the project "Sustainable Propaganda”, the ideologies displayed in the
Expo theme parks will be analyzed and alternative models of thought and
action presented. The models for a sustainable future are thus exposed
as domination strategies. In this aspect the project ties in with my
project "100 Years of the Greenhouse Effect” which I carried out in 1996
in Salzburg’s Kunstverein. 

The project "Sustainable Propaganda” consists of diverse elements: 
Computer produced visual material of the Disney-like settings in the
theme parks forms the starting point for a series of digital prints. The
Expo’s future designs are overlapped by a number of commentaries based
on a leftist analysis of hegemonic concepts of sustainability. The
commentaries are designed as dialogue boxes in the print series which
inform the computer user about problems. In the project "Sustainable
Propaganda” these "error messages” point out the flawed programming of
the content of the Expo 2000 and the inherent systematic errors of the
concept of sustainability. 

In the video "Sustainable Propaganda” the drafts for an ecologically
sustainable reformed global capitalism are criticized in additional
facets. Jörg Bergstedt (author of the book "Agenda, Expo, Sponsoring”,
1998), Sonya Schneider, Kai Kaschinski from the magazine Alaska and
mamba – working group for feminist Expo critique, present their points
of criticism in the conversations recorded for the video. In the second
part of the video, writer Christoph Spehr explains an alternative
concept for development which was discussed in the ‘90s in connection
with BUKO under the motto, "Winding down the North!” and places it in
contrast to the future scenarios of the Expo planners. 

"Nachhaltige Propaganda” is not an Expo project! 

After the presentation at the Katharinenruine the video/project will be
shown at the Kunstverein Nuernberg, Füll 12, 90403 Nuernberg, Germany
till June 11, 2000 (T: +49/911/24 15 62).

The project will be shown in an extended version from July 28 to August
13, 2000 in Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.


Oliver Ressler, Steingasse 37/9, 1030 Vienna, Austria, 
T/F: +43/1/913 09 17, E:

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 getting warmer...
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