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From: valery grancher <>
     Subject: internet joke  ???
          From: "bobig" <>
               Subject: mini minimal art and monochrome
                    From: acces local <>
               Subject: Re: workshop : l'humour dans la vie quotidienne
          From: Patrick Lichty <>
     Subject: Through The Looking Glass Update.
From: McKenzie Wark <>
     Subject: Call for contributions (fwd)
          From: eikona <>
               Subject: Medi@terra 2000 - Announcement
          From: futuresonic <> (by way of richard barbrook)
               Subject: futuresonic update 008 - fs<00>
                    From: Ade Ward <>
          From: "Benjamin Geer" <>
     Subject: Conference: `The Global Marketplace: In Whose Interest?'
          From: Damian Abbott <>
               Subject: Of UK SouthEast Interest?
          From: "Art Scene China" <>
               Subject: Art Scene China
                    From: "Chris Drew" <>
               Subject: ART-ACT Notes 19a
          From: spiv // Stephan =?iso-8859-1?Q?Schröder?= <>
               Subject: server cooperation

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Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 20:11:29 +0200
From: valery grancher <>
Subject: internet joke  ???


Le texte francais suit la version anglaise:

I have the pleasure to present through a little video my webpaintings
produced in between 1998 to 2000:
- emails
- famous internet logo
- famous webpages
acrylic on canvas.
they are available at refusalon gallery 20 hawthorne street in San
Franccisco, USA, or in Galerie Chez Valentin, 9 rue St Gilles 75003
Paris, France.

Jasper Jhons painted an american flag, On Kawara painted date on canvas,
Andy Warhol painted a campbel soup, Nam June paik painted video screen,
Jean Pierre Raynaud painted a french flag, Miltos Manetas painted
playstation and famous video game screen shot, Simon Paterson painted
name on  white background on canvas (name paintings) and so on, so on
....whos' next ? you ?

Pump your page !


J'ai le plaisir de presenter grace a une petite video, mes webpaintings
produites entre 1998 - 2000:
- emails
- logos des sites les plus connus
- les homepages les plus connues ...

Elles peuvent etre vues a la galerie refusalon, 20 hawthorne street a
san Francisco, USA ou a la galerie Chez Valentin, 9 rue St Gilles 75003

Jasper Jhons a peint un drapeau americain, On Kawara a fait des 'date
paintings', Andy Warhol une boite de soupe campbel, Nam June Paik a
peint une mire video, Jean Pierre Raynaud un drapeau francais, Miltos
Manetas a peint des playstation et des ecrans des jeux videos les plus
vendus, Simon Paerson a peint des noms sur fond blanc (les name
paintings) et puis .. et puis ... la ligne sans fin continue ... qui
sera le prochain ? vous ?

Pump your page !

Valery Grancher

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From: "bobig" <>
Subject: mini minimal art and monochrome
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 20:58:20 +0200

      [ the zone.91x]

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Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 22:45:19 +0200
From: acces local <>
Subject: Re: workshop : l'humour dans la vie quotidienne

un autre

> Workshop Accès Local  mardi 9 mai de 10h à 19h.
> Fabien Hommet & Philippe Zunino - Produits Bruts -  vous proposent de
> participer au worshop Accès Local : L'humour dans la vie quotidienne.
> Avec Ernest T, Lefred Thouron, Serge Stephan, Jerry Cow et Produits
> Bruts.
> - Influencés par Dürer et Jacques Callot, les dessins d' Ernest T
> -artiste-. présentent des moments cocasses ou émouvants de la vie
> rurale disparue.
> - Jerry Cow- artiste - ne perd pas de vue que "son coeur de cible" à
> lui, est bien l'esprit de sérieux, sous toutes ses formes. Ses images
> puissantes sont aussi courageuses qu'évoquatrices.
> - Serge Stephan - artiste - collectionne ce qui manque et découpe tout
> ce qui dépasse dans la rue ou ailleurs.
> - Lefred Thouron- dessinateur- vit et travaille à Nancy 35 heures par
> jour pour Le Canard Enchaîné, l' Equipe.. et pour l'avenir de l'homme
> sous toutes ses formes, des plus anciennes aux plus modernes.
> - Fabien Hommet & Philippe Zunino - Produits Bruts - artistes
> regroupés,  tentent de reboucher les trous de mémoire et dénoncent
> violemment la société dans ce qu'elle a de plus violent et vice versa.
>     Ce workshop particulier donnera lieu à la réalisation d' une
> cassette audio d'histoires drôles, d'un cahier de devoirs de vacances
> pour les plus défavorisés, d'un catalogue de dessins et histoires
> véridiques destiné au quotidien sous ses formes les plus anciennes ou
> modernes.
>     Inscriptions par tèl : 01 47 70 12 00 ou par Email. Nombre de
> places limitées en fonction du nombre d'inscrits.

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From: Patrick Lichty <>
Subject: Through The Looking Glass Update.

Through the Looking Glass 
Contemporary Digital and Technological Art

For this update, we highlight exonemo and their Ars Electronica Honorable
Mention, Discoder.  Discoder is an online toll that corrupts websites by
introducing bugs into the html code.
You can find Discoder in the Virtual Galleries. 

We also welcome the addition of Steve Dietz' essay "Why Have There Been No
Great Net Artists?".  In this text, Dietz examines the nature of recognition in
the genre of through Linda Nochlin's seminal essay on feminist art.
Check out this essay in the Textual Gallery.

This update is in response to the fact that in the original announcements,
there was the omission of the URL for the exhibition.
Many apologies fo this omission.

Every month or two Through the Looking Glass will highlight selected works in
its galleries and announce events until the end of this year.

Hope you will enjoy the show.

Patrick Lichty,
Through the Looking Glass

-Through the Looking Glass is a landmark survey of technolgical art and
critical texts sponsored by and the Beachwood Center for the Arts, a
non-profit institution located near Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  The exhibit
showcases 83 artists and scholars work from every continent on the globe.

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Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 20:05:47 +1000 (EST)
From: McKenzie Wark <>
To: Nettime List <>
Subject: Call for contributions (fwd)

"We no longer have roots, we have aerials."
 -- McKenzie Wark 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
date: Mon, 08 May 2000 18:32:45 +1000
from: Senses of Cinema <>
subject: Call for contributions

Issue 6, May 2000 of Senses of Cinema is now online at

We are now calling for contributions for Issue 7, June 2000 and Issue 8,
July-Aug 2000.

ISSUE 7, JUNE 2000.
This issue will feature a special section on the St. Kilda Short Film
Festival (Melbourne), in particular, its history, its significance for
emerging filmmakers and the possibilities and aesthetic of the short
film format.  There will also be special sections on Contemporary Asian
Cinema and Actors.  Is there an actor that has moved you inexplicably?
Well, now is the time to express this feeling, in a section that will be
a showcase of "critical yet personal homages" to actors of the screen.
Under this section, there will be a special section on the work of
MARLENE DIETRICH - if you're a fan, here is your chance to pay tribute.
There will also be the regular column of Festival Reports - if anyone
finds himself or herself at a festival or conference they would like to
report on (such as Cannes!), feel free to suggest it to us.

>From now on, there will also be a section titled New Releases - for
critical, independent and intriguing analyses of current releases.

ISSUE 8, JULY-AUG 2000. This issue will feature a special sections on
the cinema of Roberto Rossellini and a preview of the Melbourne
International Film Festival.

Or, of course, you could write on anything you like, and we'll have a
look at publishing it. Or you could submit your Top Ten films of all
time. (Check the formatting as exists at )

The deadline for the submission of articles for Issue 7 with byline
attached (under 20 words) is May 29th. For Issue 8, July 10th.

Senses of Cinema is not a fully refereed film journal, however, it
provides writers with the option to have their work refereed. Articles
are sent as 'blind reviews' to a minimum of two referees who are experts
in their field. For those who request their work be refereed, the
deadline is one week earlier than that mentioned above.

For further information on our refereeing policy, style sheet and
copyright policy, you can go to our Notes for Contributors page:


Fiona and Bill


Senses of Cinema

Bill Mousoulis

Fiona A Villella

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Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 13:35:34 -0700
From: eikona <>
Subject: Medi@terra 2000 - Announcement

Dear friends,

We apologize for cross-postings.

For more details please visit:

all the best,
maria x

Medi@terra 2000
International Art and Technology Festival & Symposium


3 - 7 November 2000
Athens, Greece

The International Festival and Symposium Medi@terra, held once a year in
Athens, deals with a series of initiatives committed
at developing an interdisciplinary digital culture, mainly in the areas
of Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.
Medi@terra's main objectives include the development of cross-cultural
communication and cooperation among the countriesin the emerging field
of new media, the creation of common proposals, and the establishment of
an electronic network to support the discursive and cultural exchange
possibilities provided by digital technologies.

I. International Symposium
II. International Exhibition: interactive installations, net art, CD-ROM
art, audio art, etc.
III. Projects & Events: Internet, CD-ROMs, multimedia performances,
broadcast events, "happenings".
IV. Video & Film projections
V. Workshops / Cultural laboratory
VI. A tribute to an artist from the Mediterranean.
VII. A special tribute to the Balkans’ region.
VIII. Social Lounges: forums for new project presentations and for
obtaining collaborators, producers, and sponsors.
IX. Vertical Actions: public interventions by groups or individuals
during the events.
X. Productions / Open Forum on-line: printed matter, videos, Internet
and multimedia, discussion lists.

Medi@terra 2000 is organized by Fournos Center for Art and New
Technologies (Co-directors: Manthos Santorineos, Dodo Santorineos, Maria
Xatzichristodoulou), with the support and collaboration of the Ministry
of Culture and the School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece.

FOURNOS Cultural Center
Mavromihali 168
11 472 Athens Greece
Tel. +301. 6420451, +301. 6460749
Fax +301.6470069

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Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 17:16:43 +0100
From: futuresonic <> (by way of richard barbrook)
Subject: futuresonic update 008 - fs<00>


a festival of sonic pleasure and audiovisual arts

8-11 june 2000, manchester

three days of live performances, club nights, multimedia showcases,
interactive installations, mutant music machines, workshops, and talks by
leading figures working in music and new media

staged at Contact Theatre and other venues across the city of manchester,
including The Green Room, Cornerhouse, Cyberia and Planet K

festival pass ukp30 single, ukp27 concessions, ukp60 professional
box office 0161 274 0600
festival hotline 0161 835 1111

Bob Osterag
David Toop
Kodwo Eshun
Rhythm n' Sound/Scion
Bedouin Ascent
Tony Morley
Plus 1
Janek Schaefer
Finga Thing
Jason Holmes
Team Doyobe
Antenna Farm
squid s o u p
Baby Mammoth
Blood & Fire DJs
Digs n Woosh presenting Serve Chilled
Christoph Kummerer

Counterculture featuring Peanut Butter Wolf, Aboriginals, and others
Sacred Circles featuring Cleveland Watkiss, Derek Richards, Byron Wallen
Optical Funk featuring Cinematic Orchestra (Ninja Tune)
Electroboogieland featuring Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas)
a night of German electronica hosted by the Wire
women in electronica workshops hosted by Kaffe Matthews
improvisation with electronic instruments masterclass with :zoviet*france:
the new industry forum exploring opportunities/challenges in sound & media
and much more

in association with The Wire

supported by Arts Council of England, North West Arts, Manchester City
Council, Goethe Institut

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Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 20:40:48 +0100
From: Ade Ward <>

[ ]

Stephen Skrynka
Clyde Cycle and Pedestrian Tunnel, Glasgow
28 May to 18 June 2000

Revelations of a layer of the city which lurks below the water

As archaeologist, detective, and voyeur, Skrynka has meticulously recorded
all the writings on the walls of this intimate but often intimidating space.
This evidence of underground activity has accumulated in Glasgow's Clyde
Pedestrian and Cycle Tunnel since it was originally opened in 1963.

dimensions : 3 metres wide, 2 metres tall, 1 kilometre long

The walls will be painted white, obliterating all the text and creating a
new blank canvas. The many layers of newly covered graffiti will be returned
to the space as pure sound as part of an ambitious new soundpiece.

Under the river bed of the Clyde, a three week long sound work will be
composed by Internet users and broadcast live using the world's largest
global sound mixer developed using custom CASM [ ]
technology. The tunnel writings have been turned into sound samples recorded
by some of its authors. These, combined with found sounds collected from
various locations throughout Glasgow and from the Clyde itself, will form
the sound library from which a constantly moving sonic landscape will be
created. Tracing spore-like journeys through the city, A network of sound
maps will will be composed by the worldwide public and broadcast live inside
the tunnel space. 

Internet users may collaborate in the online composition by downloading a
client application which connects to the central CASM server. Users get a
virtual representation of the sounds in the tunnel, and up to sixteen users
can join together at once to trigger their choice of sounds. Users are also
able to precisely position and control the movements of these sounds within
the Clyde Tunnel itself.

In addition a series of works by the following artists will be performed in
the space on 18th June :

Pete Dowling
Nicky Hind
Alistair MacDonald
Peter Nelson
Jon Panther
Stephen Skrynka
Bill Sweeney
Jo Thomas
Gregg Wagstaff
Judith Weir
Hildergard Westerkamp

A publication accompanying the project will be available. This will include
a souvenir booklet commemorating the opening of The Tunnel in 1963 aswell as
a complete transcription of the tunnel graffiti. A photographic reproduction
of the tunnel walls will also be available. Produced in collaboration with
Book Lab. 

e mail:
   tel: +44 (0)141 576 7956

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From: "Benjamin Geer" <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 22:13:20 +0100
Subject: Conference: `The Global Marketplace: In Whose Interest?'

Conference: `The Global Marketplace: In Whose Interest?'

Who benefits from the globalisation of markets?
What are the effects of globalisation on democracy?

Saturday 17th June 2000
from 2 pm to 5 pm
in English

at the Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R
United Kingdom

£5 regular admission
£3 for Amis UK members and concessions


Bernard Cassen, Professor at the Institute of European Studies at the
University of Paris VIII.  Executive Director of the French monthly
newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique.  President of ATTAC, Paris.  From
1981-1985 he led the Inter-Ministerial special Committee for Scientific
and Technical Information.  His journalistic career began in 1967 with
Le Monde, until he joined the first editorial board of Le Monde
Diplomatique in 1973.  He is the author and co-author of several hundred
articles and reports.

Susan George, Associate Director of the Transnational Institute in
Amsterdam.  Director of the Globalisation Observatory.  Vice-President
of ATTAC, Paris.  Holds a doctorate in Political Studies from the
University of Paris, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.
Author of numerous books and articles.  Served on the board of
Greenpeace International and Greenpeace France.  Member of the Group of
Lisbon.  Board member of Les Amis du Monde diplomatique.  Consultant to
several UN agencies, including WHO, IFAD, UNESCO, and UNICEF.

Brigitte Granville, Head of the International Economics Programme at the
Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).  Previously
chief macroeconomist and Vice-President for Russia at JP Morgan,
economic advisor to the Russian Federation, economist to the European
Commission Delegation in Moscow, associate professor at the new Economic
School in Moscow, consultant to the World Bank and Senior Research
Fellow at the Institute of International Affairs. Took her PhD at the
European University Institute in Florence.

Flemming Larsen, Director of IMF Europe, and the Fund's permanent
representative in Europe.  Previously Deputy Director of Research, and
from 1992-2000 was responsible for World Economic Outlook, the Fund's
flagship publication, featuring surveys of global economic trends and
policy issues.  On leave from the IMF, he was Division Chief in the
European Commission from 1990-92, responsible for international monetary
affairs.  In 1985 he was director of Forecasting at Wharton Econometrics
in Philadelphia, and Senior Economist at the OECD in Paris.

For further information and advance bookings:
phone: +44 (0)20 8444 4322.

Organised by Amis UK, the UK chapter of Les Amis du Monde

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Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 22:31:45 +0100
From: Damian Abbott <>
Subject: Of UK SouthEast Interest?






ALL ARE WELCOME – contact 020 8333 8399 for more details

Assemble at the Fairfield Recreation Ground, Kingston.
1.30pm Saturday 13th May 2000

(From Kingston Station follow Clarence Street, which then becomes
Wheatfield Way, then turn left into Fairfield Road).

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From: "Art Scene China" <>
Subject: Art Scene China
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 06:39:25 +0800

We would like to inform you about Art Scene China's website.

Art Scene China ( is a contemporary Chinese art 
gallery featuring some of China's most well-established avant-garde 
artists as well as exciting, up-and-coming artists.  The website 
showcases over 300 artworks by artists from throughout China.  All 
artworks are available for sale directly online, unless otherwise 
indicated.  The site also provides art critiques and introductions to 
the artworks by the artists themselves- so that viewers can better 
understand the inspiration and motivation behind the artworks.  There 
are also free screensavers for easy off-line viewing.

We hope you will like our site.  Please write to us if you have any 

-Sam Wafa

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From: "Chris Drew" <>
To: "Chris Drew" <>
Subject: ART-ACT Notes 19a
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 18:38:12 -0500

To unsubscribe from ART-ACT Notes simply reply with unsubscribe in the
  Subject line.

  Check out "Power in Unity" by Linda L. Lanese submitted to ART-ACT at

 and "Natural Colors" by Louis "Sid" Pena at

  Also check out the new addition - "Field Workers" by Carlos Cortez - to
 Screen Print Workshop for Artists at

 The following is a paper presented at the University of Maryland to the
 "Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace" conference presented by The Cyberculture
 Working Group. If you received a previous copy through the CTCNet Arts
 mailing list - use this updated copy for any wider dissemination. It
 our website direction and includes useful links as well as website
 development tips.



 A "Cyber Center" is a website that attracts an audience to itself and to its
 growing community through its original content. Its attracts links to itself
 by helping to sort and present links to many of the related websites of its
 extended community in an entertaining and useful manner. It contributes to
 building community by creating opportunities for discourse and interaction
 similar to the BBS's of the eighties but on a global scale using graphics as
 well as text.

 Get Started Building for Diversity

 The World Wide Web is growing from two distinct directions. Major
 corporations (dot.coms) are building empires stressing paid advertising
 while non-profit social groups (dot.orgs) focus on building virtual
 communities of networked sites. The Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center is very
 interested in building and sharing a vibrant network of agencies and
 individuals devoted to diversity at home and abroad. We have a vision and
 are stepping toward it using time, volunteers and our art in contrast to the
 mad ad rush for position that characterizes the dot.coms' attempts to stake
 out their market shares.

 The World Wide Web follows Bob Dylan's statement "He who is not busy being
 born, is busy dying." Growth, learning, change and action are our
 watchwords. If you are an organization or an individual with an idea for a
 diversity related website - get going on it! Don't wait to plan it all out.
 Learn as you go. Let your growing knowledge of site design and of your site
 needs create the constant change on your website. Be busy being born!

 Be Yourself

 To build a Cyber Center - be real to be different - build your website out
 of who you are.

 The Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center has produced "Art of the T-shirt"
 exhibits in accessible community locations for twelve years. We made it easy
 for artists to participate asking only that they fill out a simple form and
 bring us their art on a t-shirt. We achieved diversity by encouraging
 artists who applied to exhibit by calling them repeatedly over the years. We
 brag about being "Inclusive not Exclusive."

 Our website does not have high tech audio and video or big color image files
 of the kind many corporate designers with high-speed connections create. We
 are concerned with communicating with people around the world and know many
 do not have new computers and that telephone connections in most parts of
 the world are expensive. Short download times are important to us.

 ORIGINAL CONTENT: Hook 'em - Bring 'em Back Alive

 All our print promotional materials have been black & white. The cartoon
 t-shirt figures that we have scattered throughout our press releases and
 exhibit brochures make tiny GIF files that download in an eye-blink. We call
 them "T-shirt Art Pointers" and we are using these "Pointers" to build a
 visual theme on our website. We are giving them away for non-commercial
 purposes as a hook to create return visits and word of mouth traffic. This
 may well become a saleable product should they become popular.

 Original Community Art

 Eight years ago we built a "Screen Print Workshop for Artists" as a way to
 involve more artists in our exhibits, especially young artists, and to
 produce art prints we could one day sell to support our activities. We
 realized we could not afford to teach artists how to print their full color
 work nor could we promote full color art, so we limited our workshop to
 teaching how to print black & white images. We defined these as images that
 will reproduce easily on a copy machine because we were able to skip an
 expensive step in the screen printing process by using a white paper copy to
 expose our photo sensitive screens. We have many designs by a large number
 of artists already on screens and are using these images to build another
 segment of our site that will continually add images over the years. As this
 segment adds images and increases its diversity of artists represented, it
 too is becoming a hook that will draw visitors to return to our site.

 Using Community Art to Connect to the World

 ART-ACT, the Anti-Racist T-shirt Art Contest Tour, is an out growth of our
 mission to serve as a multi-cultural arts institution. Like our "Screen
 Print Workshop for Artists" concept, its stresses black & white images
 designed for the t-shirt forum. It extends our tradition of community
 exhibits to the World Wide Web. Over the years because we sought out a
 diverse group of artists - even without announcing an anti-racist theme in
 our Screen Print Workshop for Artists - many artists had already contributed
 images that fit this theme. This made it easy for us to build ART-ACT. It
 gave us the art from our previous seven workshop years to start the contest
 until the contest become known on the Internet. Once this year's contest is
 over we will begin another taking advantage of the publicity we've built up.
 Our intention is to build an ever growing body of art supporting diversity
 and attacking racism. This is another on-going hook that is unique to us.

 More Hooks

 Another original content hook relates to our community computer lab
 activities. We host a "Website Design and Promotion" SIG. We hope one day to
 have an active Computer Arts Lab that stresses website design offering free
 classes to artists who contribute to its maintenance. Our website has a
 "School" segment for articles on designing and promoting a website that can
 grow as our community computer lab grows.


 Under each work of art in our Screen Print Workshop for Artists and our
 ART-ACT segments is a "Comments" section and a very new "Personal Stories of
 Racism" section where we invite our visitors to build discussions of issues.
 This has been a slow process but we intend to build these sections over

 ART-ACT Notes

 We have a newsletter, ART-ACT Notes that is sent out every time we have a
 new ART-ACT Submission to announce. This has been about every 2-4 weeks. In
 this newsletter we feature links to the latest art posted, add letters or
 comments received, invite interaction, and I am telling the story of my 22
 year progression toward founding an inner-city art center. ART-ACT Notes
 will grow along with our site.

 Community and Multi-Cultural Art Issues Mailing List

 When we find support or earn enough to build a staff, we will begin a
 mailing list around community arts and multi-cultural issues. This will fit
 with our website segment which posts the "Chicago Cultural Plan." The 
 "Chicago Cultural Plan" is a document created from grass-roots contributions 
 by Chicago Mayor Harold Washington's Administration. It was buried after his 
 death by the Daley Administration.

 We unburied it. Its 103 suggested improvements to Chicago's cultural life
 offer many opportunities for discussion around community art and urban
 policy issues. We have added several new suggestions of our own that we
 would like to hear discussed. One question I would like answered is why in
 the richest country in the world artists can work for over a decade building
 a track record for an inner-city arts center serving under served
 populations and at-risk youth with creative and needed programs without
 significant support from any direction? This is typical of independent
 community arts groups begun by artists.


 We have a long list of links on a links page. Volunteers from ,
 from , a sub-site of ImpactOnline, and from
 people who visit our page at help_ara.htm support us by visiting related
 websites and sending a personalized letter to the site owner asking for a
 link trade. They write a description of the site they visit which we post
 with its link on our links page.

 Our next project is to sort these links into categories. We will select the
 best sites and post some of these links in the Related Link sections under
 our artwork that the sites seem to loosely relate to. Sites that offer
 solutions to bigotry or suggest actions people can take to counter hate will
 make up a page of their own. Under each work of art is also a section for
 links to Related Articles/Essays. In this way we not only will display art
 related to Anti-Racism or Pro-Diversity but also provide informative links
 for further research of related issues.


 To promote your "Cyber Center" website you should already be announcing your
 website on your business cards, letterhead, press releases, brochures, phone
 messages and any other print or traditional communications methods you
 employ. You should discover your "keywords" and create Meta tags for your
 page headers (see ). Register your site with
 Search Engines. Add a signature to the end of e-mails you send out composed
 of your site URL, your e-mail address and a line or two about your site.

 Off-line promotions - An Art Comments Mail Form

 Not everyone is on-line. When we seek to build a community of diversity on
 the Internet we must deal with the reality of the digital divide. We know
 most potential contributing artists and much of our audience is not yet
 on-line. When we asked people to discuss the ART-ACT submissions we have
 posted, we did not receive many responses on-line. So we made an 8.5x11
 off-line mailer form that displays on one side an ART-ACT image and on the
 other side an invitation to write a comment that can be sent to us for
 posting on our website below the artwork pictured. We made up samples of
 this form with 12 different images from our contest and placed them in an
 art exhibit we hung in January at ARC Gallery in Chicago. We included these
 comment fliers in our mailing to 700 artists.

 On April 14th I visited Champaign, Illinois to join with Native American
 groups from around Illinois and beyond to protest the University of Illinois
 "mascot", Chief Illiniwek, and testify to their Board of Directors which was
 accepting statements regarding their "mascot" on that day. They are still
 accepting written testimony on this issue at I gave out 300
 mailers with the art of Charlene Teters reflecting on the subject of Native
 American "mascots." We could have passed out 3,000 at this event.

 I have included a similar art-mailer in your packet for you to help us build
 our discussion. I hope you will express yourself. Naturally, if you would
 like to discuss a different image than the one you receive, you can visit
 our website and e-mail us directly. We also have initiated a new segment
 inviting personal true stories of racism for posting on our site. You will
 find this segment presently empty. You, the public, must fill this void.

 Don't Bury Yourself Online - Live in the Real World

 Actions like those above promote our arts agency and our website, offline
 and on. I recommend you do not confine your actions to your website alone.
 Combine it with actions in real space and you will reach a broader audience.
 At the Building Democracy Conference sponsored by the Center for New
 Community ( which tracks the far right in Illinois the story
 was told of a hate group's attempt to create a national action relying on
 the Internet to organize a response. They got twelve organizers to attend.
 We must not make their mistake. Personal contact is still the most effective
 organizing principle in building a community of diversity. Be human. Thank


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Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 02:18:19 +0200
From: spiv // Stephan =?iso-8859-1?Q?Schröder?= <>
Subject: server cooperation

Der erfolgreiche Online Shop für Netzkunst und die Suchmaschine für
 Medien/ Netz/ Kunst kooperieren.

Der Onlineshop für Netzkunst, und das Suchportal für Netz-
und Medienkunst haben sich jüngst zu einem Joint Venture
entschlosen. So werden bei artcart käuflich zu erwerbende Netzkunstwerke,
in der Suchausgabe von mit einem speziellem Icon versehen,
welches direkten Zugang zum Shop von gewährt. Aktuell sind 15
Kunstwerke und Klassiker der Netzkunstszene von den Künstlern wie Annie
Abrahams, Blank/Jeron, Heath Bunting, Valery Grancher, Takuji Kogo,
Mouchette, J. R. Leegte, Peter Luining/LFOUNDATION, mi_ga, Melinda Rackham,
Erwin Redl, Pavu, Tina LaPorta ...

WWW.ARTCART.DE / be avantgarde - buy netart store &
WWW.VERYBUSY.ORG / your search center for hardwired arts. > actual listed

535 unique netart projects
63   ezines
21   festivals
24   institutions / organizations

no rest for the wicked >> ARTISTS, SUBMIT YOUR PROJECTS NOW !=20

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