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WHOOPS!!! TYPOS corrected Re: <nettime> OFSS01: First Orbiten Free Software Survey]

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Subject: Re: <nettime> OFSS01: First Orbiten Free Software Survey
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:31:51 -0700
From: Michael Goldhaber <mgoldh@well.com>

One thing about the study results that struck me is their general
 similarity in shape of distribution  and authorship to a simlar analysis
 of publications in science. Most scientists turn out to have only one
 publication in thier name; a tiny percentage contribute very many. these
 statistics were first discussed about 40myears ago by Derek J. DeSolla
 Price, included, I believe, in a book of his  called "Big Science, Little
 Science." It would be interesting to make a more detailed comparison. I
 suspect the factors leading to these distributions may actually be
 similar in both fields.


Michael H. Goldhaber

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