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Re: <nettime> Re: (protocol) Re: Histories

Dear archeologists,

> >At 1:25 PM -0400 5/14/00, Jennifer Crowe wrote:
> ><snip>
> > >
> > >[let me ammend this: I was specifically refering to .txt files that
> > >comprise the textbase- plain text (which when it boils down to it the
> > >Rhizome archive is) it will most likely port better than stuff that is
> > >specically dependent on hardware, like an artwork that is dependent on a
> > >certain type of machine (with like you say 5.25 floppies, etc). This is
> > >never foolproof of course. But for the time being, the texts at Rhizome
> > >and Nettime etc are what alot of people are going off of. And, yes it's
> > >true that their server could be wiped out at anytime in a flood or
> > >something...true, true, true!]
> ></snip>
> >
> >could the administrators of these lists post some comments on their
> >long-term plans for archival of the texts?
> about rhizome...
> Rhizome Digest is archived and available at http://rhizome.org/archive. 
> Years 2000 and 1999 of the Digest are currently online. Older years will be 
> uploaded soon.
> The other two email lists, Rhizome Raw and Leonardo@Rhizome.org, are 
> currently not archived. 


I keeping the archive of rhRaw (mixed with rhDigest however) on my
mailserver, this archive goes back till sept'96. contains cca 12,5k
messages, or 63MB of raw ascii bits, in my oppinion *it's complete*.

There is also *complete* Nettime-l which goes back to '96. Furthermore
there are some *smaller* archives (regarding the volume and number of
messages) like documentaX, ars (severeal years of disscusion at AE), 
blast, 7-11, amex, hfh... even some projects and initiatives which were'nt
*real mailing_lists* such refresh (net art project back in 96), etc...

>From the very same source (different folder only) Syndicate mailing list
archive was restored in last year (complete - from very first message). 
The Syndicate archive is avaliable now at http://www.v2.nl/mail/v2east/,
for your reading pleasure and utermost enlightment.

I agree with Ted on this point this is mainly DIY sport, and gift economy
artefact indeed. I dont see any particular *long time* strategies there.

OK maybe one, let say once when I'll be retired I'll have plenty of time
to print out few *ascii on paper* pages out of some antique printer each
morning (rather noon) while I waking up and have first caffe with some
*blasts from the pasts*... idilic ha? 
Well lets take *worst case* scenario of .com future, assuming that
complete legacy of the digital domain will be commercialized pretty soon,
sometime after use of paper for purpose of printmaking will be forbidden
for most of us, goverment and corporate sector will have then special
permissions to print documents on paper. Rest of us will relay on
(envirinment friendly) e-books(TM) and digitalPaper(TM) cellularZines(TM)
and other widgets for *individual nonimmersive* use, this highly .com
services will be available to anyone and everywhere, charged per bits but
that's however not issue here. Printing on paper will be crimonal act
against the planet...well maybe not so idilic but still good for business.


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