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<nettime> [note re NYC MOMA strike]

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I  received a call this morning from a temp worker  (read scab) in the
office of the  Director of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.  He called
to see if I wanted to go ahead with my show on Friday evening.

The service and professional workers  (inlcuding many curators) at the
Museum of Modern Art in NYC are out on strike.  They are striking for
issues from salary and benefits to,  my sources say,  the way the museum
Board plans to address staff questions during the two year remodelling/
expansion project at the Museum.  The Board wants to - BOOM - lay off
most of the staff for the whole period -- with no benefits or agreements
about future work.

After re-checking with the curators who invited me, I decided not to
cross the picket line and my show will be postponed for the fall.

To all who sent me notes or were planning to come, thanks so much.  I
hope to see you there in the fall when we find a new show date.
Obviously I hope the strike is settled fairly and soon.  I am getting in
touch with the strike committee to see what others can do to help.  If
you are interested, let me know and I'll pass along that info.  Have a
good summer.  The globe seems to be warming more quickly than expected.

My very best to you,

Joan Braderman
Video Artist
No More Nice Girl Productions &
Professor of Video, Film and Media Studies
Hampshire College,   Amherst, Ma. 01002
Phone: 413-584-6012
Fax: 413-584-7504

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