Lincoln Hui on Wed, 10 May 2000 18:10:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The Future of Art Forum - A Place for Science and Technology?


I would like to inform you of some news that is happening here at
Everything Art that may be of interest. initiated a
discussion today with a distinguished panel of artists, theorists, critics
and technologists.  It is our intention to promote an exchange of ideas
and elicit a discourse between these minds on the subject of the future of
art and its growing relationship with technology.  Some of the panelists
already have combined art, science and technology together in their work -
for example Stelarc and his robotic sculptures like the Third Hand. 

I invite you to come and read what these groundbreaking artists have to
say.  The discussions will last for the next 3 weeks and the results will
be published in our online magazine, Everything Art, on May 12th, 26th,
and June 9th. 

Some of the panelists participating in the forum are:  
	*	Dr. Rachel Armstrong-Russell - lecturer, TV presenter,
multimedia producer, medical doctor, author
	*	Alan Sondheim - writer, artist, theorist, co-moderator of
the Fiction of Philosophy, Cybermind and Cyberculture email lists
	*	Tina Keane - lecturer at St. Martin's College, researcher
for Digital Creativity, artist in installation, film, video, and the digital
	*	Bracha Lichtenberg - artist, theorist, and psychoanalyst
	*	Davide De Angelis - multimedia artist, art director and
designer for 2 David Bowie albums
	*	Dr. Alf Linney - professor of Medical Physics &
Bioengineering at University College, London
	*	Brett Stalbaum - senior editor of Switch, San Jose State
	*	Simon Biggs - artist and professor of Research (Fine Art) at
Sheffield Hallam University
	*	Stelarc - performance artist, sculptor (Third Hand, Virtual
Arm, Virtual Body and Stomach Sculpture), Honorary Professor of Art and
Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University and a Senior Research Scholar at
Nottingham Trent University

Our panelists will be faced with some interesting topics and questions
dealing with science, technology, religion and art: why have science and
art been 2 opposing cultures!  When/where/how and if science and art will
converge?  What is the future of art? 

I am interested in exploring opportunities for a feature, events mention
or link on your website, or possibly coordinating an email alert to your
membership regarding this forum. 
Please visit our site <> and in particular, have a
look at Everything Art magazine at <>. 
I hope that this event will be of interest to you and your membership and
look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Best Regards,
Lincoln Hui Tel: 1.877.777.9322

***************************************************************** does not condone the use of "Spam" as a marketing tool.  The
goal of this mailout was to inform members of the technology and
contemporary art community of a pertinent discussion.  Please accept my
sincere apology if I have intruded.


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