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Joy Garnett walking batteri

>We're all walking batteries, 
>and the gene material in a dead dog is EXACTLY the same
>as it was when the dog was still alive. Dead or alive: same DNA. Ha! 

transmission along nerve fibres chemical transmission at synapses

abb nollet in eighteenth century paris did party tricks with static

descartes - other batteries lack consciousness

Joy Garnett walking a batteri

>the Equation of Life :
>Actually, it could be just our jeans...

emanuel swedenborg post retiring from being director of swedish mines and before he experienced the visions that led to his reinterpretation of christianity was fascinated by the idea that different functions of the body were controlled by different areas of the cerebral cortex. 

percy bysshe shelley and mary shelley were fascinated by `galvanism`. 
they inadvertently electrocuted the family cat whilst trying to utilize
electricity for treating his sister's skin disorder.


an editor should be respected even feared maybe even disliked by her
contributors. her job is to dock their prolixities unify their styles and
force them to conform to a consistent and clearly defined vision of the
work in hand. it is no job for a democrat.

one thinker champions "the construction of autonomous tools" 

one thinker in just four lines champions the printing press to avoid
upsetting the editor and the thermos bottle for no reason. another
nominates television but remarks of this pervasive socially transforming
invention merely that it provides information influences patterns of
behaviour such as sex and crime and has reduced the popularity of live

another leading thinker in the course of a long and rambling rant against
the whole idea of invention states that he "doesn't think he could hack
... assholes and complacent dopes living hundreds of years". 

applicable to nettime's constant regurgitation of dubious observations by
complacent dopes. -> superb source for male fascist antibodies.

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