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<nettime> CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: INFOS 2000 (off-line)"" contest


INFOS 2000 (off-line) "" contest

 "" or "" has been understood as art work that is produced
and seen on the Internet. These works tend to be crafted in HTML, viewed
with web browsers, and are located somewhere on the web. For INFOS 2000,
we wish to expand this category to feature (off-line) "" that need
not depend on the Internet for its display but can be circulated to users
and venues without internet access through a CD-ROM, hard disk, or

 INFOS is Slovenia's largest computer and communications fair. It takes
place every October in Ljubljana. INFOS annually issues a CD-ROM about the
fair. This year's CD-ROM will include up the winning entries of the contest. 

 We welcome submissions of (off-line) "" work to the INFOS 2000
(off-line) "" contest. Up to 100 artists will be chosen for
 exhibition and will receive two gratis CD-ROM's. The CD-ROMs also will be
distributed to media art institutions, academies, and curators around the

 All the files of the work should not exceed 2 MB. The work must be put in
one folder (PC Windows format) compressed with WinZip and put on an
Internet server for access by the curators. A bio and short description of
the work must also be included;  artists' home page URL and e-mail are

For more information please visit

Deadline for submissions is 15 June, 2000. 

curated by: Teo Spiller & Timothy Murray

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