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<nettime> [ShahidulNews] May issue of Meghbarta now out

Editorial: Words and pictures commemorating May Day.

In search of the shade of the Banyan tree: Shahidul Alam looks at
transterritoriality. Exiles, displacement and the dreams of migrant

Flood Control: Water Management and Water Logging : Water, once an asset
of Bangladesh has now become a liability. Mahmud Hanif investigates. 

Globalization, deprivation and poverty: Fidel Castro looks at capitalist

Alamtaj Begum : Freedom Fighter Shamim Ara interviews fellow freedom
fighter Alamtaj Begum reliving their shared histories of '71. 

Washington seize, an assessment: An overview of resistance programmes in
April 16th and 17th against the World Bank and IMF in Washington, by
Michael Albert. 

In the Streets around IMF: Deirdre Griswold, gives an hour by hour account
of the historic day. 

Land, Shrimp and People: Export oriented shrimp cultivation at Sudharampur
thana in Noakhali Zila caused violence, killing, eviction, crime and court
harassment for the local inhabitants.  Arshad Siddiqui investigates. 

Setting fire in slums : New way for eviction? The government, facing
protest from socio-political organizations and resistance from slum-
dwellers, as well as a Supreme Court order not to evict slum dwellers
without proper rehabilitation, has changed tack. Mysterious fires are now
setting ablaze the slums. Barkat Ullah Maruf elaborates. 

Fuel of the poor: The poor of Bangladesh spend more on fuel than the rich.
Zahidul Islam narrates experiences of poor households in Dhaka city who
struggle to collect fuel. 

1000 million taka arrears for Garment workers: Garment workers, human
component of the highest foreign exchange earning sector, have never
received their low wage regularly. Barkatullah Maruf reports on one
garment factory. 

Sunrise to sunset for 15 taka: Fulrani earns 30 cents for a full day's
work. S.M. Masud Al Mamun looks at her life. 

Selina: Munira Morshed Munni tells the story of one of the thousands of
women food sellers in Dhaka exposing their class and gender vulnerability. 

Life of a Worker, Personal and Collective: Ayub Ali an old activist and an
ex-industrial worker expresses his anger, frustration but also his
determination. This is the first part of his long story. 

Fish in danger: Taslima Miji writes on environmental effects of chemical
fertilizer and pesticides on traditional fish resources of Bangladesh. 

Dollar, Pound, Hot and Spicy: Audity Falguni looks at the black market
trading in cash foreign exchange. 

Ethnic Minorities undercounted: Priscilla Raj summarizes findings by SEHD
which reveals a number game the government plays to undercount minorities. 

Exams are a privilege: Taslima Akhter reports on a month long campaign of
132 girl students to appear for the H.S.C. examination. 

Photo Story: 1407, Bangla New Year in Dhaka. 

Takdoomadoom: Stories, paintings and reports by children. 

Shahidul Alam
Drik Picture Library,


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