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<nettime> [cybersalon] MA in Hypermedia Studies web launch and mid-term show

From: Jane Austin <>

I am writing to invite you to the Westminster University's MA in
Hypermedia Studies web launch and mid-term show at the Institute of
Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH. 

The show will take place on Monday 22nd May at 6.30. There will be a
complimentary glass of wine and canapes on arrival. There will be an
opportunity to view the web site, meet the students and see both completed
work and work in progress. 

The purpose of this event is two fold:  Firstly it is an opportunity to
raise the profile of the course and to receive feedback about our work
from exciting people working in the industry.  Secondly, in order to
complete the MA students must do their final project for a professional
client. This project can be self directed or can be decided by the client.
It is hoped that the event will allow students and clients to forge
contacts in order to create a working relationship for the final project. 

I would also be grateful if you would let me know if you are able to come

I am organising the event and it would be very useful for me to know how
many people will attend so I can make sure I have enough refreshments. 


Jane Austin

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