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<nettime> ARTLAB-Prospect4 "DRIVE" by Jordan Crandall

ARTLAB-Prospect4 "DRIVE"

Artist: Jordan Crandall

Date: May 17 (wed.) to 28 (sun.), 2000  11:00-20:00
Location: Spiral Garden, Spiral, Tokyo
Admission: free

Organized by: ARTLAB, Canon Inc.
Curators: Kaz Abe + Yukiko Shikata

*Artist's lecture is on May 19 (Fri.) 19:00-21:00 at ARTLAB
 Admission: free, Reservation needed(tel: 03-5410-3611 ARTLAB)

for further info., mail to yshikata@crpg.canon.co.jp(Yukiko Shikata)

"Drive prompts a reconsideration of the "moving image." It foregrounds how
images "move" us today, both physically and psychologically, and how they
are deeply connected to changing patterns of perception and embodiment. " 
"Drive moves toward a hybrid, post-cinematic language - one that has
specific historical and political resonances."  ------- Jordan Crandall

"DRIVE" is a new image (on DVD) installation produced by Jordan Crandall,
a New York-based media artist and theorist. Pursuing a new way of "moving
image", he blends poetically a various kinds of image-languages developed
in the 20th century, from traditional cinematic technologies - Super8,
16mm film and video, to new image media including motion tracking /
monitoring technologies, monocular night vision, wearable video camera,
thermal-imaging camera, and infrared scope. Different kinds of images are
displayed simultaneously in different places in the whole installation

The meaning of the title "DRIVE" is to set things going, and it also
conveys many other meanings; mechanical, technological and psychological.
In this work are shown not only a driving (moving) process intended by
humans but also a reversed process of being driven by technology or
desire. A "reversed"  networking comes to exist in the world of subjects,
where the action of seeing is changed to being seen by means of the
advanced vision-sensors behind the subject through computer networks and
databases. It shows us that a mechanism of grasping images has been

Drive was produced with the support of Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum
Joanneum, Graz. (Curator: Peter Weibel) Additional support has been
provided by Eyebeam Atelier, New York; Filmmakers Collaborative, New York;
ZKM Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe. 

At ARTLAB-Prospect4, "DRIVE" is consisted of the selected images from the
full installation shown in Neue Galerie, Graz(February-March, 2000). 

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