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just out:

By Margaret Kane, ZDNet News
UPDATED April 27, 2000 8:52 AM PT

Microsoft Corp. will take a stake in a Xerox Corp. spinoff that is
developing technology to securely deliver content online. ContentGuard
Inc.'s technology was developed by Xerox (NYSE: XRX), and the copier
company will retain a majority stake in the new firm. Other investors are
expected to be announced later. 

For their website: 

The Internet presents significant new opportunities to content creators,
publishers, distributors and retailers. In particular, the eContent

. Provides consumers with access to a wealth of digital works at anytime.
. Offers new outlets to writers, musicians and other artists in an
increasingly wired world.
. Creates a more streamlined, convenient and cost-effective distribution

Maximizing these opportunities, while protecting existing business models,
is a key focus of the content economy that IDC estimates will grow to $275
billion by 2003. 

Profitable digital distribution of information and entertainment depends
on a series of factors. These include: 

. On-line trusted systems acting as the intermediary between content
providers and consumers.
. The ability to exchange and negotiate terms and conditions for governing
the use of digital works.
. Digital works safeguarded from misuse and piracy.

ContentGuardT offers the trusted solution.

For more than a decade, scientists at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
(PARC) have worked to meet the challenges associated with on-line trusted
systems. Their patented research has been incorporated in the ContentGuard
suite of solutions for rights management of digital content. ContentGuard
offers a complete workflow solution addressing content protection and
integrity, rights specification and enforcement, and usage tracking, while
interfacing to complementary solutions for reporting and royalty
management.  ContentGuard makes eContent distribution viable - today! 

ContentGuardT, Inc., the leader in rights management of digital content,
is the catalyst driving the eContent marketplace. 

ContentGuard is a rapidly growing spin-off from Xerox Corporation with
strategic alliances and investments from Microsoft Corporation and Xerox
Corp. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, the company has operations in El
Segundo, California, Palo Alto, California and Bangalore, India. WIth
operations in these technological hotbeds, ContentGuard is situated to
remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. 

ContentGuard provides technology, products and services for rights
management of digital content. The ease of integration into the publishing
workflow of content owners, publishers, distributors and retailers makes
ContentGuard the premier choice across the value chain. 

Also read the FAQ:

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