Grace R. Salvacion on Fri, 31 Mar 2000 18:51:05 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> [inquiry about information poverty]


I was doing someresearch on Information Poverty and I happen to land on 
your site. 

I am working with a company called Net Curricula here in the 
Philippines.  The company's thrust for more than three years has been on 
the integration of Technology in Education.  We found out that the 
existing gap between the school and society is that the schools here in 
the Philippines are unable to keep phase with technology and failed to 
educate their students on the same manner.  In that sense, there is this 
existing gap between what the school teaches the students and what the 
workplace requires.

Of course, we also need to ask why this is happening here in the 
Philippines.  One reason that we found out is that there is a less than 
1% PC penetration here in the country and that not all of it has 
internet access.  The other reason is that Philippines is a third world 
country and we don't have the resources to keep track of the rapid 
development in technology.

We are very interested to contribute on your research work as the 
Philippines being the universe of our study.  In the long run, we can 
even be one of your partners in finding ways to address the issue on 
Information Poverty.

Very truly yours,

Grace R. Salvacion
Information Tech.
Net Curricula, Inc.

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