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>From Game to Performance


The Video and CD-ROM of Taka Iimura

Saturday, March, 25, 2000 8pm- $7

Millennium, 66 East 4th St, New York, N.Y.10003 Tel.212/473-0090

Mostly Time Related Films

Friday, March 31, 2000 9pm- $8

Anthology Film Archives, 32-34 Second Ave.(at Second St.), NewYork,
N.Y. 10003, Phone:212-505-5181

Film Performance "Circle and Square"

Tuesday, April 4th, 2000 9pm- $5

The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema,145 Ludlow St, Between Stanton and
Rivington St., New York, N.Y. phone:718-622-5360


The Video and CD-ROM of Taka Iimura

Saturday, March, 25, 2000 8pm.$7

Millennium, 66 East 4th St, New York, N.Y.10003  Tel.212/473-0090

Taka Iimura, who has worked in film and video since 1960s, will present
his most recent works in multimedia, CD-ROMs, at Millennium, New York.
Iimura, who is called "an enigmatic, mysterious presence in the New
York avantgarde scene" by Jonas Mekas, director of Anthology Film
Archives, found CD-ROM as an exciting new media to combine text,
graphics, as well as video. The result is a multi-faced experiments
linking the media freely within the work. He will talk about the work.

The program:

"A I U E O NN Six Features", video,1993, 8min., color

"Interactive: A I U E O NN Six Features", CD-ROM, 1998-99, color,
Digital work: Kazuhiro Asai and Tacora InterMedia. English version:
William Thompson

"This is the game that Iimura plays, not only in the installation of
the same name, but also again with this CD-ROM. The 'differance' is for
him an example of multiculturalism, a connection of unity in diversity,
in which Iimura plays with the expressive and indicative function of a
sign, in sound and in image" World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam,

"Observer/Observed", video,1975-98, 22min., b/w

"Observer/Observed", and Other Works of Video Semiology, CD-ROM, 1999,
b/w, Co-produced with the Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada, and
Euphonic Inc.,Tokyo

"Iimura is at his best deconstructing and reconstructing the video
apparatus. Elemental and elegant, these works confront issues of
language and semiotics through forms of direct address. Incisively
presented, this CD-ROM offers a new generation access to classic works
of video art and theory" Peter d'Agostino, professor of media arts,
Temple University, Philadelphia.


Mostly Time Related Films

Friday, March 31, 2000 9pm. $8

Anthology Film Archives, 32-34 Second Ave.(at Second St.), New York,
N.Y. 10003, Phone:212-505-5181

Taka iimura, who has explored the concept of time in film in 1970s,
will present his rarely shown films with a talk on the films. Jonas
Mekas, director of Anthology Film Archives, has said that Iimura
"contributed decisively to his uncompromizing explorations of cinema's
minimalist and conceptual possibities. He has explored this direction
of cinema in greater depth than anyone else".


"2 Minutes 46 Seconds 16 Frames(100 Feet)" (from Models, Reel 1), 1972,

b/w, 8min.49sec., sound

"Timed 1,2,3 "(from Models, Reel 1),1972,b/w,10min.30sec., sound

 "Counting 1 To 100 or Xs "(from Models, Reel 2) 1972, b/w,11min.
25sec., silent

"24 Frames Per Second", 1975 revised 1978, b/w, 12min., sound

"Repeated/Reversed Time", 1972 revised 1980, b/w, 9min. sound

"One Frame Duration",1977, b/w & color,12min., sound

"MA:Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji", 1989, color,16min., Sound by
Takehisa Kosugi

"Though Taka continues to develop a range approaches to film, video and
now digital work, this concern with the experience of time, its
measured passage and analogy between time and space, has been the main
recurring theme at the centre of his work." Malcolm Le Grice

"As the title suggests, Models (1972) defines the general concerns
which characterize Iimura's nonphotographic films. The most important
of these concerns is his exploration of the real space and time of film
experience. Models presents eight different forms of this exploration,
each of which involves a different set of basic variables." Scott


"MA: Space/Time-In the Garden of Ryoan-ji (1989) - focus on the Eastern
concept of MA, of space and time as a conceptual and perceptual unity
... and a fine introduction to a classic Japanese garden and the
concept of MA, and to central dimensions of Iimura's earlier work."
Scott MacDonald


Film Performance "Circle and Square"

Tuesday, April 4th, 2000 9pm. $5

The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema,145 Ludlow St, Between Stanton and
Rivington St., New York, N.Y. phone:718-622-5360

Taka iimura will present a rarely seen film performance "Circle and
Square" together with a film "1 to 60 Seconds". Jonas Mekas, director
of Anthology Film Archives, has said that Iimura "contributed
decisively to his uncompromizing explorations of cinema's minimalist
and conceptual possibilities. He has explored this direction of cinema
in greater depth than anyone else".


Film performance: "Circle and Square"(1982)

When I first performed the piece in the gallery space of Millennium,
New York, l982, I used two projectors facing far apart and a loop film
was hung between them threading to one of the projector. I stand in the
middle with a film puncher punching holes(circles) on the film as many
as possible which were projected on one side of wall, and on another
wall a square frame was projected without film. Now for RBMC theater I
will use only one projector and will do the same performance. The
difference is that in Millennium "Circle and Square" happened
simulteneously on both walls, but here in RBNC theater it will happen
only before and after with one projector. You will see this with a
surprise if you come to RBMC theater. (T.I.)

Film "1 to 60 Seconds"(1973)

"In 1 to 60 Seconds Iimura does an extrordinary thing: he abstracts
time from any concrete associations, seems to put it on the screen and
there you sit looking at (or for) it, experiencing it. The film is all
black leader except for the numbers 1 to 60 that apper individually in
sequence to indicate the amount of time in seconds that each of them
followed one second leter by a number or numbers indicatin the total
amount of time that has thus far transpired. So at each juncture you
know beforehand how much time awaits you before the next and how much
is behind you, and then it's just you and the black screen. And
thereafter many things happen: you attempt to experience, say, twenty
one seconds so accurately you will be ready for the 22, or you become
impatient and bored, or you just feel time, fell the ongoingness. The
film's as varied as time (for you) is and can be." Paul Poggiali, The
Soho Weekly News, New York, 1974

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Wiretap 6.03 - Time Collisions

An afternoon about the collision of slow and fast speeds in images, music
and human perception.

Sunday April 2nd, 2000, 14.00 - 17.00
Doors open 13.00

Due to V2's participation in the photo biennial, WT 6.03 will be held next
door at: Scapino, Eendrachtsstraat 8, Rotterdam.

Presentations by:
Robert Neunteufel (A), Joel Ryan (USA/NL),
Ulf Langheinrich/ Granular Synthesis (A)

Caroline Nevejan (NL)

Entrance fee
Fl. 7.50

Speed is probably the most typifying characteristic of our information
society.  New technologies are often praised for their time-saving and
immediate qualities. It almost appears to be a cultural imperative to
regulate our time consumption as efficiently and frugally as possible, even
though time as such is volatile and impossible to contain.

Our perception of time is most intense when different temporal conceptions
clash.  This is to say, when we experience time in an accelerated or
retarded mode.  The conflict between slow and fast is best witnessed in
ideas of technological determinism, where the continuous development and
acceleration of technological and social processes - ranging from fast food
to e-commerce  - are viewed as inevitable effects of progress.  In
contrast, these beliefs are counteracted by practices stressing the
qualitative and soothing aspects of slowness.  In the latter scenario the
consumption of time becomes a matter of individual and conscious choice.
It is thus also a critique of a society in which time is solely regarded as
a precious economic good.

The crucial question here is whether a culture of speed is the natural
outcome of a technologised society, or not.  Digital media art provides a
fertile matrix for investigating these issues.  During 2000, V2_ will query
the phenomenon of time and its inter-relations with technology, perception,
the body, media, etc.  Wiretap 6.03 is the first in a series of staged
temporal collisions.


Robert Neunteufel (A) is trained as a technical engineer and holds a PhD
in educational science.  He was information manager for the Technology
Transfer Centre in Leoben (Styra), and adviser for the union in Graz on
matters concerning the impact of informational technologies on higher
education.  Robert Neunteufel has been a member of the society for the
Deceleration of Time  (Verein zur Verzoegerung der Zeit) since 1994.  This
society, counting about a thousand members across Europe, was founded in
1990 by the Austrian philosopher Peter Heintel.  Its main goal is to conduct
quality research on the phenomenon of time.

Joel Ryan (USA/NL) is a pioneer in the development of real-time interactive
digital instruments and live electronic music. He has collaborated
extensively with musicians and artists including Evan Parker, Michel
Waisvisz, George Lewis, Steina Vasulka and Jerry Hunt. Formerly a Research
Associate at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories of the University of
California, he has taught philosophy, physics, and mathematics. He
currently works at STEIM in Amsterdam, tours with the Frankfurt Ballet and
is a lecturer at the Institute of Sonology, Den Haag. He has performed in
the Concertgebau in Amsterdam, at the Akadamie Der Kunst Berlin, the
Theater Chatelet in Paris, at The Kitchen and BAM in New York and the
Alameda Festival in London. Most recently he has worked with William
Forsyth on EIDOS/TELOS, and Sleepers Guts for the Frankfurt Ballet and
Tight Roaring Circle for ArtAngel; and with James McDonald on Roberto Zucco
for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Granular Synthesis/Ulf Langheinrich (A): Ulf Langheinrich and Kurt
Hentschlaeger were the founders of the Viennese media art group Pyramedia,
and have been collaborating since 1991 on their joint project Granular
Synthesis, a term that originally derives from sound design.  Granular
Synthesis are particularly interested in investigating the aesthetic
potential of audio-visual re-synthesis, and are experts in the field of
sound manipulation. Their live performances bombard audiences with light,
video and audio projections.  Recent projects include: Pol 2.0,
NoiseGate-M6, Sweet Heart, X-tended Thrill and different versions of the
Modell installation.


Caroline Nevejan (NL)  trained as a social scientist with a focus on the
methodology of research in the communications domain. Since 1988 she has
been deeply involved in designing digital culture.  In 1994 she co-founded
the Society for Old and New Media, together with Marleen Stikker. There she
initiated amongst others the development of the Reading Table for Old and
New Media, the Piloot project, Demi Dubble, Internet in the Sky, and
Brandon (the first virtual piece of art the Guggenheim Museum in New York
acquired). Since 1999 Caroline Nevejan has been a senior advisor to the
board of the University of Professional Education of Amsterdam where she
designs new learning environments evolving from the rise of the Information
Society. Caroline Nevejan regularly lectures in national and international
for on the development of the information society. She is a board member of
the Doors of Perception foundation, and of the foundation Beeldrecht, which
deals with artistic authorship.

Society for the Deceleration of Time:
International Society for the study of Time:
International Slow Food movement:
Doors of Perception 4 - Speed:
Granular Synthesis
Joel Ryan
Waag Society for Old and New Media

Eendrachtsstraat 10 - 3012 XL Rotterdam
tel: 31.(0)10.206.7272
fax: 31.(0)10.206.7271

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Transitions Online (TOL) ( is the leading Internet
magazine covering Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former
Soviet Union. If you aren't already a member, fill out our registration
form at <> to receive your free two-month
trial membership. If you'd like to become a TOL member right away, go to
<http://member.html>. And if you're a citizen of a post-communist country,
go to <> to sign up for a FREE annual

This week at TOL:

FEATURE: Law and Disorder
by Emil Danielyan
Five months after the assassinations in the Armenian parliament, the
country is deadlocked in the worst political crisis since independence.
Some groups are pressuring President Robert Kocharian to step down,
alleging that he or his allies had a hand in the deaths. Meanwhile, the
chief investigator has authorized arrests that many believe are politically
motivated. The result is a political stalemate,with the infighting in the
government rendering it utterly ineffectual and placing Nagorno-Karabakh
on the backburner.

MEDIA: E-Eavesdropping
by Marisa Robertson-Textor
After almost two years of rumor and speculation, the Russian government has
given itself carte blanche to snoop around on the Internet. Though SORM-2,
a regulation coauthored by the Federal Security Service (FSB) and
Communications Ministry, isn't unique, one worrying aspect is: Internet
Service Providers will have to foot the bill. "The FSB brought us a plan in
which every Russian's constitutional rights were violated. Obviously, we
couldn't sign it," said the owner of one provider that refused to step in

In a sidebar, TOL reprints "Five Years Of Online Publishing in Russia," an
overview of Internet demographics in Russia by Aleksandr Egorov originally
published in the February issue of the Russian-language media journal

BOOKS: The End of Autism
by Christian A. Nielsen
More than four years after the end of the Bosnian war, the grip of the
three nationalist parties remains extremely strong -- not withstanding
promising signs like the "de-Tudjmanization" of neighboring Croatia. Given
this apparently bleak scene, should proponents of a multiethnic and united
Bosnia pack their bags and leave town? Can one find any signs at all of an
emerging civic Bosnian identity? The authors of the books analyzed here
tackle those questions, but often reveal their own contradictory
definitions of what it means to be Bosnian.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Russia: The Seven-Year Itch
The Russian press has been abuzz with discussions of extending the
presidential term from four to seven years. In an article entitled
"Seven-Year Term: Stagnation or Stability?" the electronic magazine published a clutch of opinions on the subject. One argues against
the idea, saying, "If there is anything positive about our political life,
it's regular elections."

Dial direct on the Slobophone ... Czech women form a shadow
cabinet ... Hungary demands compensation for Tisza pollution ... while
Ukraine measures high lead content in the river ... Moldovan president
suggests dual citizenship with Romania ... Buckle up in Estonia ...
Lithuanians: don't forget to pay your bills ... Putin's true confessions
... Polish police miss their shot ... Bulgaria denies it armed Angola
rebels ... Constantinescu names new Romanian defense minister ...
Macedonian army set to slim down ... Lukashenka says protesters will be
"ripped to shreds" ... Georgian soldiers say they're forced to follow
Muslim rituals ...

A Czech nonprofit dedicated to promoting independent journalism, TOL is
based in Prague and uses a network of local correspondents to provide
unique, cross-regional analysis.

We encourage you to visit our site and become part of a dynamic new media
project dedicated to building independent journalism in Central and Eastern
Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union. And be sure to also visit
our partner sites:

- Central Europe Review (, the weekly Internet
journal of Central and East European politics, society, and culture

- The Network of Independent Journalists of Central and Eastern Europe
(NIJ), a weekly service run by the Croatian-based STINA press agency. To
subscribe to STINA's NIJ weekly service, giving you timely news of events
in the region, send an e-mail to:


The Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) will be holding its
Fifth Annual World Convention, this year entitled "Identity and the State:
Nationalism and Sovereignty in a Changing World," from April 13-15, 2000,
at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University in New York City. The ASN is
the leading international scholarly organization dedicated to the study of
ethnicity and nationalism in the postcommunist world. This year's
convention will feature over 100 panels focusing on the Balkans, the
Caucasus, Central Asia, East-Central Europe, and the Russian Federation,
and bring together over 600 participants from all over the world. A number
of new documentaries from these regions will be shown concurrently. A
preliminary convention program is available on the web at:
<> For more information about
the convention program, please contact Dominique Arel, ASN Convention
Program Chair, at <>. For convention registration and other
information, please contact Gordon N. Bardos, ASN Executive Director, at

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....english : introducing open database
architecture  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : : .  .

The Mediaart Search Engine covers nearly 300 Projects right
now - thanks for your immense help ! This amount of projects will stay
untouched and protected into the database and can only be changed by Level
A Admin Permission or contacting

Until now you can mark your new database entries as "PUBLIC EDITABLE" -
that any other user can update or fulfill the entry - therefore the
database administration goes public !

Beside that small performance improvements were made to the search kernel
and the "add project sheet", that now checks if a entered URL is responding
to avoid deadlinks. The next step will be a autocompletion form by scanning
the metatags of a responding  project.

thanks for your support

Submit your projects to the mediaart database

....deutsch : Erfhrung der offenen Datanbank Architektur
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : : .  .

Die Medienkunst Suchmaschine umfasst nunmehr fast 300 Projekte
- vielen Dank fr eure immense Hilfe. Diese Anzahl der Projekte wird als
Kerndatenbestand unverndert und geschtzt in der Datenbank verbleiben. Fr
nderungen kontaktiert

Ab jetzt ist es jedoch mglich eure neuen Datenbank Eintrge als "PUBLIC
EDITABLE", also durch die Usergemeinde nderbar zu kennzeichnen. Dadurch
kann jeder einen Datenbank Eintrag vervollstndigen oder aktualisieren. Die
Verantwortung geht damit an die User.

Auerdem wurde der Suchkern in Punkto Geschwindigkeit etwas verbessert und
die "Neue Projekte hinzufgen" -Page (ADD PROJECT)
sucht den einzutragenen Server auf und wartet auf Rckmeldung damit tote
Links in der Datenbank vermieden werden. Demnchst wird dort eine Funktion
implementiert werden, die automatisch die META Tags einer URL ins Formular

Vielen Dank fr eure Untersttzung,

Meldet eure projekte der Medienkunstdatenbank unter:

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Please forward and/or post this information:

The Summer Institute @ The Kitchen: Where Artists of the
Present Inspire Artists of the Future


The Kitchen and Sarah Lawrence College present
The Second Annual Sidney Kahn Summer Institute

Studies in Multimedia Performance
June 12 - June 30
$2,500 (includes 3 credits and meals)

Sound Circus 2000 is an intensive three-week lab offering students a
unique opportunity to create performance works through daily interaction
with cutting edge artists. This year's institute focuses on "new opera"
as a current multimedia practice interweaving voice, music, text, video,
dance, and performance.

The Kitchen makes its resources and facilities available to a future
generation of artists, activists, and educators.  Directed by Pia Massie
and fully-accredited by Sarah Lawrence College, Sound Circus 2000 offers
students age 18-30 mentoring and workshops from many influential
artists, including Lynn Book, Martha Bowers, Fast Forward, Maia Claire
Garrison, Philip Glass, Philip Hamilton, Shirley Kaplan, John King,
Annie Lanzilotto, Meredith Monk, Butch Morris, Molly Davies and Polly
Motley, Treva Offutt, Sara Rudner, and Lucienne Vidah, among others.

As part of the Institute, The Kitchen will present five public talks
from multimedia artists of international stature. In addition, weekly
public screenings from The Kitchen's extraordinary video collection and
archives are scheduled, which will bring to light the important
explorations in multimedia that have made The Kitchen the center of this
activity for more than twenty-five years.

The Kitchen is an interdisciplinary laboratory for visionary, emerging
and established artists.  It has been a powerful force in shaping the
cultural landscape of this country for over two decades, and is
internationally renowned for its early support of artists who have gone
on to receive world-wide stature.  The first institution to focus
exclusively on multi-disciplinary work, The Kitchen is emerging as a new
kind of cultural center, simultaneously serving an international
artistic community and acting as a resource in its own neighborhood.  In
the coming millennium, The Kitchen will remain a nurturing space for
artists to collaborate across disciplines and push the boundaries of
their fields, and will support the artistic exploration and application
of new technologies that help connect artists and audiences from around
the world.

Sarah Lawrence College, long recognized as a pioneer in creative
education, is a liberal arts college with focused and collaborative
undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts. The Theater Program is
interdisciplinary and dedicated to the training and development of new
voices creating original performance works.  While learning and using a
diverse and global theatrical vocabulary, students experiment with the
resources and connections of writing, art, music, dance and emerging
technologies that help connect artists and audiences from around the

To apply or for more information on the Institute, please visit
the website:

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Nuits Savoureuses 2

Interstices, collisions, fusions

Le CICV Pierre Schaeffer lance un Appel international a projets pour le
Festival International d'Arts Multimedia Urbains qui aura lieu du 14 au
23 dcembre 2000  Belfort, France.

50 projets artistiques seront selectionnes et 3 prix de 100 000 FF.
seront attribues par un jury international.

Informations, renseignements, contacts et inscriptions :

Coordination artistique : Anne Roquigny :
Communication/accreditations presse : Eric Prigent :


Si vous desirez recevoir regulierement cette lettre, merci d'envoyer un
message a l'adresse suivante :


Nuits Savoureuses 2

Interstices, collisions, fusions

The CICV Pierre Schaeffer is launching a Worldwide Call for Projects for

the International Multimedia Urban Arts Festival which will take place
from December 14 to 23, 2000 at Belfort in France.

50 artistic projects will be selected and three prizes of 100,000 French

Francs will be awarded by an international jury.

For more information, contacts and registration :

Artistic Co-ordination : Anne Roquigny :
Communication/Press Accreditation : Eric Prigent :


If you wish to receive this newsletter on a regular basis, please
contact the following e-mail address:

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        Informative Arts Art Foundation
        presents :

        I Love Markets
        [ ]
        Mario Hergueta - curator

        March 24th to May 24th 2000

        inauguration online
(introducing the artists present on artcart) :
International Relay Chat Rendez-Vous
friday march 24th 2000 7.00 pm GMT+1 | 24 mars 2000 19.00 GMT+1

Frankfurt Special ! double saussages & french fries special i-Boosters

Share your meals and tastes with major german art institutions

With   and special online i-Boosters event
friday march 24th 2000 7.30 pm GMT+1 | 24 mars 2000 19.30 GMT+1

        Server :
        Port : 6667 ou 7000
        Channel : #iaaf

        java connection available on iaaf pages.
-/ it's coooooool ! /-

NEW: artcart - The First Online Net.Art Store
++ Opening March 23 at 8 p.m (GMT+1) ++

If you want to discover the latest trends in contemporary art, if you are
interested in the young and modern art and if editions and multiples are or
could become beginners drugs for you, artcart is the right place for you.

We have an exciting and multifaceted spectrum of the scene to
offer. The works which will play a leading role at artcart are innovative,
lively and playful, but they always point out the way ahead.

Be Avantgarde - Buy Net.Art
artcart proudly presents works of eminent contemporary artist:

Annie Abrahams, Blank/Jeron, Heath Bunting, Valery Grancher, Takuji Kogo,
Mouchette, J. R. Leegte, Peter Luining/LFOUNDATION, mi_ga, Melinda Rackham,
Erwin Redl, Pavu, Tina LaPorta

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We are already looking forward to welcoming you!

Events sponsored in part by boomania and

For further information have a look at
or mail to

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This is a onetime information-email - you have not been
submitted to an emaillist!

We've now have a new permanent domain:

The idea behind this site is quite like the one organisations
like Amnesty International have used for many years: to try an
place pressure on the power holders by sending loads of letters
from all over the world.

We've just joined a new campain against The Calgary Herald,
where 230 members from two unions have been on strike since nov.
8. 1999.

And you can still protest on behalf of:
Mumia Abu-Jamal - an afro-american journalist and civil rights
activist. He is wrongfully convicted of the murder of the white
police officer Daniel Faulkner. (IMPORTANT that protests arrive
before of April!) - A new address for Judge Yohn has been

Leonard Peltier - a Native American serving two consecutive life
sentences in a federal penitentiary, even though there is no
credible evidence that he is guilty of anything.

Elin Gonzles - a six-year-old boy, who has been caught in a US
foreign policy power game.

Viist us at:


Netaktivisten er en ny hjemmeside p dansk og engelsk - lavet
for folk, der gerne vil gre en forskel.

Ideen bag Netaktivisten er i stil med den som organisationer som
Amnesty International har benyttet sig af i mange r - nemlig at
forsge at lgge pres p magthavere ved at dynge dem til med
mere eller mindre personlige breve fra hele verden.

Vi har netop tilsuttet os en kampagne mod avisen The Calgary
Herald, hvor 230 medlemmer fra to forskellige fagforeninger har
vret i strejke siden d. 8 november 1999.

Og du kan stadig protestere for:

Mumia Abu-Jamal - en sort, amerikansk journalist og
borgerrettighedsforkmper. Han er uskyldigt dmt for mord p den
hvide politibetjent Daniel Faulkner.

Leonard Peltier - en amerikansk indianer, der afsoner to p
hinanden efterflgende livstidsdomme i et fderalt fngsel, selv
om der ikke er nogle trovrdige beviser p hans skyld.Tilgengld
er der beviser p at FBI i forbindelse med hans retssag har
fabrikret beviser og truet vidner.

Elin Gonzales -  en 6 rig cubansk dreng, der er blevet fanget
i USAs udenrigspolitiske spil.

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Adbusters Goes Public!

Don't miss your chance to capitalize on this unique investment
opportunity! Market analysts agree that Culture Jamming(TM) is the
hippest and fastest-growing concept market of the new millennium. Ask
yourselves, "Which organization is more synonymous with 'jamming'
than Adbusters?"

As of April 1st, 2000, Adbusters Media Foundation stock will be
listed on the Nasdaq and is guaranteed to triple by summer, when our
new line of Joe Chemo(TM) athletic wear hits retail outlets. For
advance investment opportunities, please direct your inquiries to

The long-anticipated selling out of Adbusters will kick off a Global
Fool's Festival with spontaneous and planned events around the globe
which will bring the corporate world order to its knees while we
laugh our guts out.

In San Francisco, The First Church of the Last Laugh will hold its
17th annual Saint Stupid's Day Parade.

In Montreal, a week long Symfoolium will assemble an international
rogues' gallery of fools to celebrate all things foolish.

New York City's notorious prankster, Joey Skaggs, will lead a motley
crew through the Big Apple on their 15th annual Fool's Parade.

The Vancouver Fool's Society plans to resurrect Walt Jisney and ply
the waters of the Pacific in their Ship of Fools.

Visit the Global Fool's Festival section of

To report further acts of foolery, contact

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Komt dat zien! Levende fotografieen uit de 20e eeuw op mijn homepage:

( je hebt hiervoor de Realplayer plugin nodig, gratis te downloaden op - volg link naar Realplayer 7 basic)

Groet van Sonja

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