t byfield on Thu, 23 Mar 2000 01:44:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> web economy bullshit generator


     monetize sticky paradigms
     morph B2C eyeballs
     enhance robust paradigms
     innovate leading-edge communities
     aggregate value-added partnerships
     integrate B2B portals
     enhance strategic paradigms
     aggregate viral partnerships
     envisioneer virtual space
     aggregate frictionless ROI
     orchestrate e-business portals
     streamline robust platforms
     embrace best-of-breed space
     architect global platforms
     aggregate scalable content
     incentivize revolutionary e-tailers
     embrace 24/365 space
     optimize innovative content
     leverage robust niches
     enhance sticky eyeballs
     monetize e-business paradigms
     morph global e-services
     incentivize proactive action-items
     facilitate 24/365 earballs
     utilize one-to-one eyeballs
     streamline end-to-end partnerships
     harness innovative synergies
     morph robust solutions
     envisioneer best-of-breed web-readiness
     incentivize intuitive infrastructures
     envisioneer scalable technologies
     embrace B2C e-tailers
     empower scalable e-services
     morph one-to-one ROI
     enhance intuitive space
     optimize leading-edge partnerships
     streamline one-to-one technologies
     aggregate revolutionary portals
     enhance e-business channels
     empower e-business synergies
     reinvent proactive web-readiness
     embrace virtual communities
     implement dynamic partnerships
     incentivize granular earballs
     leverage revolutionary initiatives
     aggregate 24/365 solutions
     optimize end-to-end channels
     architect mission-critical paradigms
     embrace killer initiatives
     harness B2B web-readiness
     enable mission-critical earballs

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