Luis Soares on Wed, 22 Mar 2000 17:03:18 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Terravista is changing

[crossposted with permission, orig. to internal list of the european
cultural backbone/g]

Hi all of you

I know Portugal is far away somewhere in the west of Europe and I'm not
the best of people at keeping you all up to date on what's going on here,
by the ocean. 

Anyway, life's been hectic and there have been a lot of changes.
Terravista Association is no more. We decided to sell the web hosting
project that gave the association its name, capitalizing on the investment
craze in this area that local telecoms have brought about. We were
beginning to look like a commercial company disguised as a non-profit
organisation a little bit too much for my taste, anyway. 

So we changed and we are changing into Electronic Frontier. Don't be
scared by the American taste of the name, we are very much European and
with an European agenda, somewhat different from the californian EFF. 

Basically we'll be working on three areas. The first one is the defence of
what we call the digital citizen, which is basically all of us in that
side where there's something digital in our lives, from being in a
database to using a cell phone, to being on the internet. The second one
is access, and we don't mean free internet access, that's being done, we
mean free computers, free training, free creative and critical
understanding of the new media for those who have not understood the
change yet. The third thing is supporting inovative non-profit (or at
least in their non-commercial conceptual stages) creative projects for new

As you may begin to understand, this will be more or less along the same
lines of the things we were already trying to do, without the burden of
the everyday management of this big web-hosting project, plus the
financial result of its sale. 

Anyway, I am still Director of the new organisation but as we will open it
up to anyone who wants to become a member, we are planning to have an
elected management in about 6 months time. Until then we are trying to
create a more permanent work structure, so I will still be the contact for
this thing. On particular projects, I will be able to give you the name of
the person in charge. 

Feel free to mail me if you didn't understand what's happening. It's
difficult to explain, it should be harder even to understand. 


Luis Soares
Associacao para a Fronteira Electronica
Cel: +351 - 917 878 210

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