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>                   $$$ B2B Startup Groundfloor Opportunity $$$
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>    From: b2b[luser]
>    Date: Fri Mar 17
>    Domain expert (technical background, doctorate, senior
>    management level, very well connected, VC/angel contacts)
>    seeks CO-FOUNDER to capitalize on HUGE multibillion dollar
>    B2B vertical market opportunity in the life sciences field.
>    The ideal candidate has a MBA from a top-tier school, senior
>    level industry experience will also be considered. Now
>    raising seed round from angel investors. This is a first
>    mover advantage, velocity deal. Pure play B2B, zero gravity,
>    rapid and flawless execution required- you get the idea.
>    It is envisioned that the incumbent will help to launch the
>    company and raise a significant first round from VCs. Must
>    have the guts to dig in. Background, chemistry, and
>    personality will decide.
>    Please e-mail CV (no attachments please) with cover letter
>    to:
>    b2b[luser]
>    Other ways to contact poster:
>    This is in or around SF Bay Area.
>    Telecommuting is ok.
>    Principals only, recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
>    No phone calls, please!
>    Reposting this message elsewhere is NOT OK.
>    this is in or around SF Bay Area
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