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<nettime> [Random-bits] NC-TLDS - list on new Internet Top Level Domains (TLDs)

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Note:  announcement for new list:  nc-tlds - list on new 
                        Internet Top Level Domains (TLDs)

At its July meeting in Japan, ICANN will likely take steps to create new
Internet Top Level Domains (TLDs).  Examples of existing TLDs .com,
org, .net, .edu, .gov, .mil, .int, .fr, .uk or .br. 

There are many issues that ICANN will address in determining which new
TLDs to create and how they will be managed.  

Some have proposed the creation of new TLDs that will advance
a variety of civil society objectives.  These include special
"chartered" TLDs, that would be managed by various NGO interests.  
These new TLDs would use the Internet's domain name space to make it
easier for civil society to organize, to make companies accountable to
various worker, consumer and citizen interests, and to promote free

Examples would include:

       .union, for labor unions
       .customers, to organize consumer interests of companies
       .ecology, to provide information on a company's environmental
       .isnotfair, to provide information on a company's civil rights
       .sucks, to provide a forum for criticism, but also to raise money
to fund free speech battles.
       .ngo, to use a percent of the proceeds from the use of the TLD
for non-profit organizations to fund NGO participation in global
internet forums.  

These and other proposals were designed to stimulate debate on possible
models for TLD polices, and to encourage various non-commerical
consistutencies to come up with their own proposals.   

At this point, there really are no hard and fast rules or even models,
and ICANN and those who want to manage a registry for new TLDs will be
proposing their own rules.

Some in the registry business want everything managed on a commercial
commodity model, without the headache and restrictions of limiting the
use of domains.  From this perspective, they would sell .union to anyone
who wanted it, including a company, or someone who wanted to buy
bustyour.union, or whatever.   

There are lots of philosophical issues, as well as practical issues in
how TLDs could be managed. 

nc-tlds is a new open and unmoderated discussion list to consider these
and other issues.  Subscription info is here:


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