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A story of political repressions in today's Russia as a piece of art

Prosecution, courts, arrests, interrogations and repressive psychiatry:
unknown facts of political activists' in contemporary Russia  will be
presented at the art exhibition "Sapiens/sapiens" by Igor Sacharow-Ross.
Opening is at the UN human rights assembly in Geneva, Palais de Nations,
Halle des pas perdus, at March, 21, 19.00.

The FSB policy (which former chief is Vladimir Putin) during last year is
aimed to neutralize the radical oppositionary activities, especially those
which protest against: Tchetchenian war, corrupted parliamentary and
presidential elections, repressive state services enforcement, prosecutions
of Caucasian people. FSB is ordered to find at least three "hostile groups"
which shall be accused of the Moscow explosions at September'99 and the
whole instability: caucasians, anarchists, ecologists. The last months
proved however, that these explosions have been extremely useful to the
government for the sake of creating a hysterical pre-electoral atmosphere
and for making the Putin's rating rise.

FSB is using illegal and violent methods of investigation like threats,
beatings, throwing up the drugs, oppression on lawyers, psychiatric impact.
At least seven people have been arrested and are still kept in jail, a big
group of people gets interrogated and threatened. Facts of this kind will be
precisely told.

Probably the UN Russian mission will not comment these shocking facts,
especially because the pressure has grown since Putin became prime minister.
A repressive policy directed against the radical political activists isn't
an issue to tell about in the very eve of "his" elections. The artists hopes
that he can contribute to make these facts more open to the public.

This information will be presented by the journalist and activist Oleg
Kireev. Thus he will be part of Sacharow-Ross's project which is done in a
collage technique. Unlike a traditional piece of art collage might integrate
direct political action, social reality as well as esthetic features into
itself. It does not represent, but it presents reality by accumulating its
fragments into a spatial-temporary continuum.

Office des Nations Unies a Geneve - Palais des nations
8-14, Avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneve 10
(Hall des pas perdus, porte 13, entree portail de Pregny)

www. ecoline.ru/POPR, www.mailradek.rema.ru.

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