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<nettime> SCP Tour of Amsterdam

In February 2000, two members of the Surveillance Camera Players (Susan
and Bill) traveled to Amsterdam, Holland, for a week-long tour, the
group's first ever outside of the United States. Over the course of this
tour, the SCP gave two presentations on the history of their group and
performed You Are Being Watched For Your Own Safety on two separate

On the evening of Saturday, 19 February, the SCP gave an informal
after-dinner talk at Kalendarpandan, a squatted building in the
Entrepotdok neighborhood of Amsterdam. In addition to containing places to
live, Kalendarpandan puts on live shows and dance parties, houses a
community radio station, and shows movies. Thanks to the global-trotting
Grrrt, who has known Bill and Susan for several years, a rushed but
charming notice about the SCP's talk was published in Shark, a bi-weekly
English-language events calendar published in Amsterdam. 

Activists against Surveillance Cameras
Their actions can be viewed at


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