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<nettime> PLANETWORK conference


PLANETWORK: Global Ecology and Information Technology

May 12-14, 2000 at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio in San Francisco

PLANETWORK is the first-ever conference to explore how digital
technologies can contribute to creating an ecologically sustainable

Presenters include: Kevin Kelly (WiRed magazine); Julia Butterfly Hill
(eco-heroine + tree sitter extraordinaire); Jan Hauser (Principle
Architect, Sun Microsystems); Meredith Lane (VP Biodiversity, Natural
Science Academy); Bruce Sterling (sci-fi progenitor, founder of Viridian
movement), Steve Talbott, Brenda Laurel, Eduardo Kac, Erik Davis, Ebon
Fisher, Char Davies, Pierre Levy, Shawn Brixey....and many, many more. 

PLANETWORK will explore how the creative application of digital tools from
web based new media, to scientific visualization, interactive databases,
GIS based systems and computational modeling, to the Internet itself, can
open up new possibilities for environmental activism and positive global

This conference will be an unprecedented gathering of people from a wide
variety of disciplines and vocations: science, technology, activism,
business and the arts.  Our intention is to create a forum where people
from distinctly different backgrounds can meet, inspire each other, and
find common ground.  http://www.planetworkers.org/mayschedule.html

Space is limited.  Register now!  


or contact us at:

1230 Market Street Suite 517
San Francisco, CA 94102
tel: 415 436 0123


The PLANETWORK Conference
Global Ecology and Information Technology

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