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<nettime> War/ Art/ New Technologies: KOSOV@ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


April 6-29, 200- Portland, Oregon, USA

³Carnival in the Eye of the Storm
War/ Art/ New Technologies: KOSOV@"

An international program on the war in Kosov@
exhibition. conference. film series

Curated by Trebor Scholz

Presented by 
Pacific NW College of Art
1241 NW Johnson, Portland, OR 97209, USA
contact: Colleen Turnbull (USA) 503-223-4490

For detailed information visit:

Carnival in the Eye of the Storm
War/ Art/ New Technologies: KOSOV@
Kosovo/Kosova has been referred to here as Kosov@ to retain the ³o² and ³a²
characters used in both the Serbian and Albanian spellings.

Pacific NW College of Art presents an international program that explores
the role of "new communication technologies" and the absence of the
political in the media coverage of the Kosov@ war. The artwork in the
exhibition consists of voices from Kosov@, the US, Serbia, Germany, Greece,
Switzerland, and the UK. The exhibition, conference and film series examine
aesthetic responses to this war, the significant absence of art activism in
the US/ Europe and the role of "new communication technologies".

The exhibition will be held in PNCA¹s Philip Feldman Gallery, Swigert
Commons and New Media Arts Gallery April 6-29, 2000.  Galleries will be open
from 9am-9pm daily. Artists in the exhibition include:

Martha Rosler
Claus Bach
Abdelali Dahrouch 
Leon Golub
Albert Heta
Immaterial Inc.
Emily Jacir
Alexander Hubbard
Dario Kavara
Mary Kelly
Laura Kurgan
Tom Lechner
Janine & Leif Rostron-Liebenschütz
Zoran Naskovski
Hallie O'Brien Kelly & Jaime Schultz
Jenny Perlin
Dimosioypalliliko Retire
Paul Sargent
Sandra Schäfer
Gregory Sholette
Henrik Schrat
Thomas Schunke
Nancy Spero
Gordana Stanisic
Miro Stefanovic
Ocean Earth Production Inc. (represented in Portland by Peter Fend)
Andrew Herscher 
Olav Westphalen
Sislej Xhafa.

The most visible war on European territory since WWII to involve the US and
EU countries, the war in Kosov@, was the first to employ the use of the
worldwide web for warfare, for alternative war reporting, for the building
and sustaining of community and as a location to present related

The conference, April 14, 15, 16 at the NW Neighborhood Cultural Center in
NW Portland, features scholars, artists and film makers who are
international experts on politics in the Balkans, "new technologies", media
studies, and cultural criticism. The participants include:

Renata Salecl 
(University of Law- Lubljana, Centennial Professor London School of

Geert Lovink 
(Activist, Media Theorist, Member of Adilkno Foundation for the Advancement
of Illegal Knowledge, Co-organizer of Next Five Minutes Conference,
Co-Founder of the international ³nettime² Circle)

Brian Holmes
(Art Critic, Translator, Member of ³ne pas plier², France)

Katja Diefenbach
(Author, Journalist for ³Jungle World², co-editor of ³Sechste Hilfe²-
magazine for the service proletariat, member of bookshop and publishing
house collectif ³b_books², journalist at ³Spex², music magazine, Germany)

Aferdita Kelmendi 
(Director, RTV 21, Pristina, Kosov@)

Florian Zeyfang
(German artist/ video maker. He has shown in Europe and the US and published
in various magazines. (Shows
include: "3D a la main", Bremen 1999, "I Said I Love. That Is The Promise",
NY1999, "We Are Somewhere
Else (Already)", NY 1998)

Henrik Schrat
(artist/ curator, his work has been exhibited across Europe. Projects
include ³Europe in the Box II², Berlin)

Sislej Xhafa
(artist, representative of Kosov@ at XLVIII Venice Bienal (1999), based in
Pristina, Kosov@ and  Pisa, Italy)

Glenn Bowman 
(Anthropologist at Kent University/ Canterbury, UK)

Thomas Keenan 
(Director, Human Rights Project, Bard College (NY), where he also teaches
literary criticism, and media theory, USA)

Boris Buden 
(Writer, and Theorist from Zagreb, Editor in Chief ³Arkzin², Croatia/

The NW Film Center hosts and co-sponsors the film series.  The series

"The Valley" by Dan Reed

"Predictions of Fire" by Michael Benson

"Victim of Geography" by Pictorial Heroes

"The Walls of Kosovo" by Aleksandar Manic

"A  Cry from the Grave" by Leslie Woodhead

"Pretty Village, Pretty Flame" by Srdjan Dragojevic

"Intervista" by Anri Sala

"Macedonia: the next Bosnia?" by Julian Chomet

"Underground" by Emir Kustorica

"Planet Sarajevo" by Sahin Sicic

³Yellow WAPS: Anatomy of War Crime"by Ilan Ziv

³Yugoslavia: Origins of War² by Christophe Talczewski

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