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<nettime> Fw: Media Earthship 2000

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Dear friends,
we would like to make you aware of:

P a n t o g r a p h  . N e t w o r k . P r o j e c t
( w o r k . i n . p r o g r e s s )

Media Earthship 2000

P r o j e c t . D e s c r i p t i o n  >

Pantograph Network Project, Mediaship Earth 2000 consists of a series
of lectures, presentations, interventions, publications, workshops,
and strategic meetings centered on the relationship between
individuals and society, morality and politics, culture and media,
technology and nature, network and heirarchial structures.

The PNME Pantograph Network Project - Mediaship Earth 2000 project is
launched as a tool to extend the development of new methods of
coordination and comunication based on shared dialogue, the
combination of resources and the exchange of experience, between
individuals and autonomous groups.

The PNME passengers freely collaborate with one another in the form of an 
open dialogue and the sharing and exchanging of experiences. The
common factor is their attempt to contribute to the replacement of
dated ideological and socio-political schemas and myths (i.e. the
tendency to employ short term solutions which result in unsatisfactory
conditions for a complex societies existence).

S p e c i f i c . P r o j e c t . D e v e l o p m e n t . w i t h i n . c a 
f e 9 . n e t  >

A] Reader / Publication Series
1) reader - anthology of texts covering society, politics,
culture and media over the last decade, including specific project and
program information as well as a profile list of related initiatives.
2) Poster Campaign related to current issues of transition within Europe
3) Essay series, individual media related essays printed in a
pamphlet type-format

B] Workshops and Seminars
1) Erik Kluitenberg - Narrating the Net Strategic
2) E-l@b - Streaming Media
3) Mongrel - Mapping Project in the Czech Republic
4) Video and Electronic Art Chain Mail / Video and CD-Rom Festival Prague

C] Archive - Label Project ( Public Access / Contribution - Selection
1) physical archive and web based database and on-line radio broadcastig of
independent media and culture
2) MP3 and text based distribution network of independent media and culture

partner organizations> Tamizdat, Sonore....

D] Kalendarium - Web Based Public Access Almenac, (in collaboration with 

E] EuroVision2000

W o r k i n g  . m e t h o d s >

lectures, presentations, interventions, publications, workshops, and
strategic meetings

N a t u r e . o f . I n t e r a c t i o n >

A network has no center, isn't imperative, nor institutional, doesn't
have a periferie or specifically defined borders.  The discourse and
agreemebts do not have definite rules, information circulates and is
distributed relatively unrestricted, there are no definite aims,
commited methods, synergy happens without warning and is unplanned.

The Pantograph Project is proposed as a public space for negotiation,
a forum of  shared social dialogue, agreements on tools and the means
by which to determine particular interests, schedule collaborative and
systematic communication with others in public and methods how to
challenge governing heirarchies and unmonitorable formations which
have been piloting the intergallactic Earthship for decades.

N e t w o r k  . S c o p e >

individuals and autonomous groups, non-governmental/non-profit
institutions, active in the field of strategic media and concerned
with social and cultural issues

T o p i c s . o f  . t h e .  P r o j e c t  >

Thematic fields:
- education and information technology,
- hybrid media, democratization of the Internet, video, multimedia.
television, cultivation of public space - strategic network building,
joining betweens groups and iniciatives on a regional and
multi-regional level. - art, politics, technology, media..

T i m i n g >

Ongoing project since 1999
Project Manifestation September/October 2000

T e c h n o l o g y >

low tech / high tech / negotiation tools / print media / posters, leaflets,


"A complex open society is the contrary to a closed totalitarian
society, its working definition is as follows:

1.the current trend and differentiation towards the social sector
isn't effective and as concerns future perspectives, counterproductive
and dangerous.  Comparable to the Cold War era symbols are forged and
images typical for a heirarchical organization around a new center
created, unlike the previous ideological dichotomy, through corporate
powers, political, mass medial and economical elite into an
undemocratic and unmonitorable heirarchial formations.

These later function as stabilizing, however malipulating powers
pushed into a realm where the public can no longer monitor there
actions. The public in a complex society is a complex system of
relationships and networks, connected via feedback from every level of
its makeup.

2. an alternative solution to problem solving through the usage of
negotiation tools, i.e. media, mass media, culture, education, or
environmentalism; the process of weaving post-industrial and
post-totalitarian societies with a mesh of autonomous yet shared
connections. There networks replace outdated and no advantagous longer
functional heirarchies, markets and behavior patterns.

Networks enable more effective coordination and regulation of
small-scale and large-scale systems, i.e. local, regional, national or
multi-national entities. The networks make complex civil societies,
the cultivation of conscious identity and solidarity possible. The
denser and more diffrenciated the network, the harder it is to
manipulate while simultaneously throwing the legitimacy of controling
and monitoring units into doubt."
please send comments to:
Jennifer De Felice
Milos Vojtechovsky
Center for Metamedia & Center for Contemporary art in Prague
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