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<nettime> Whitney Biennial artist tickets and status for sale on ebay

Offered: four artist tickets (for two) to the Whitney Biennial's exclusive
VIP party for patrons, curators, and Biennial artists only. Winning
bidders will become official Whitney Biennial artists. 

This is one of the only shortcuts we know of to being the honored artist
at this most important of American art exhibitions. For the duration of
the event, you will be able to speak with an array of influential
curators, wealthy patrons, and fellow important artists. (It is in some
ways preferable to attending as a patron, which in any case requires you
to make an enormous donation to the Whitney Museum.)

Winning bidders will have the added satisfaction of seeing their bids
invested in the RTMark.com mutual fund of their choice, thus helping to
make one or more RTMark-sponsored projects a reality. 

Please visit the following auction pages to bid on your ticket: 


And please help the Whitney support culture by forwarding this message to
as many people as possible. 

Turning information resources into emotional capital.

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