Alexandru Patatics on Thu, 2 Mar 2000 16:32:46 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> nettime-ro // announcing the new list // anunt de infiintare a listei

Dear all,
a romanian based mailing list was recently set up at the following location:


The list is dedicated to dialogue of ideas, critics, event information and
actions from the field of visual arts and culture, related to new
technological medias and next to other <nettime> lists. The communication
languages are romanian and english.
The subscription can be acceded at:

with message:


in the 'body' of the mail. For information, contact:

The list is meant to fill the gap of communication between Romanian art and
media culture and worldwide scene. The idea was promoted through F O R M A T
project, an initiative of Alexandru Patatics, media artist, as a first step
in a series of actions which have the aim of 'formatting'
inter-communication and collaborative actions.
The F O R M A T project will include a communicational program based on
three net oriented distribution channels:

1. The mailing list nettime-ro

2. The F O R M A T - digest newsletter, distributed through the list

3. F O R M A T PDF publication (Adobe/PortableDocumentFormat) will be
downloadable from the project web site, containing selected articles and

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Recent a fost infiintata o lista  de distribuitie e-mail la locatia:


Lista, afiliata grupului european <nettime>, este destinata dialogului de
idei, criticii si informatiilor despre evenimente sau actiuni din sfera
artei si culturii contemporane.
Limbile de comunicare ale listei sint romana si engleza.
Subscrierea pe lista se poate face la adresa:

cu mesajul:


Pentru informatii suplimentare, contactati:

Lista este un canal destinat zonei de avangarda artistica romaneasca, menit
sa racordeze aceasta zona specifica la canalele de comunicatie
internationale. Ideea a fost conceputa in cadrul proiectului F O R M A T, o
initiativa dezvoltata de Alexandru Patatics, artist media, fiind un prim pas
dintr-o serie de actiuni care au ca scop infiintarea unui program
Proiectul F O R M A T va include o activitate bazata pe trei canale de

1. Lista e-mail nettime-ro

2. Un newsletter, F O R M A T - digest, distribuit prin intermediul listei

3. Publicatia F O R M A T PDF (Adobe/PortableDocumentFormat) care va contine
articole selectate si informatie vizuala, accesibila direct sau prin
'download' de pe site-ul proiectului.

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